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Event Mapping Request [MUST READ BEFORE POSTING]

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Official Factions can apply to have custom mapping made by the ECRP Event Team to help them host events and expand on their roleplay possibilities during these events. Please read over the requirements below first and then fill out an application form. Please be as detailed as you can be when describing your event so we can help you as accurately as possible. 


  1. The event that you are planning must be a non-profit set up meaning that you may not hold raffles, auctions or any other financially beneficial events. This is because special mapping can help to attract more attention from the public, making it easier to raise more funds from the event, so to maintain the fairness with regards to non-official factions who can not request special mapping, you must not profit from the event.
  2. You must have RP of setting up the event ICly prepared such as setting up any of the props that will be implemented by the mapping. This can be done on the day of the event, so no need to have it done early.
  3.  The individual who fills out the application form must be in the Faction themselves (In the F4 menu). The member also must be part of High Command. This will allow us to communicate with the Faction better to discuss what they want to be done.
  4. You may not request custom mapping less than 2 weeks before the event. This is to allow the Event Team the appropriate amount of time to make the custom mapping and to get it loaded into the server.
  5. You may not request custom mapping within 1 month of your event being held if your previous request was accepted. This is to allow for the Event Team's help to be better spread between Factions instead of one Faction constantly making requests. 
  6. If you are hosting an event that needs IC permission from the Government or Law Enforcement, you must have photo proof of said permission so we do not spend time making custom mapping that may not be able to be used.


If you have read and understood the information above you should post a event mapping request using the format below. Please make sure that you use the correct format, and that you include all the required information to avoid the request being denied. 

If your application has been accepted or denied, you will be contacted and your application progress will either be continued and discussed further or it will be closed.


Topic title:


[Event Mapping Request] Faction Name

Request format:


Faction Name:

Date of Event:

Description of the event plan (Event type, Theme, Location etc):

Screenshot(s) of the location:

Will Staff assistance be required during the event?: (Yes/No)

If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, please describe what assistance will be needed from Staff during the event:

Please link any proof of IC Government Permission for the event:


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