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The story of - Kiril Komorov

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Age: 22

Relationship status: Single

Occupation: Unemployed


Kiril Komorov was born and raised in Russian Federation. His early life wasn't so easy, since his parents died in a car crash he had to live with his grandmother. She was pretty old and he had to take care of her more than she took care of him.

At a young age, when he was 15 or 16 years old he already started working to support himself and his grandmother, since her pension wasn't enough to support them both. Things he had to do weren't the prettiest, he was doing anything that would get him at least some money. He was robbing kids on the street, hitting up shops, stealing everything he could get his hands on, to sell it all for a little bit of money, to get him and his grandmother through the month.

He and few of his friends thought about robbing a pawn shop, they gathered some knives, bats, masks which were made out of pantyhose and went to fulfil their plans, when they entered the pawn shop and started to ask for the money, waving their weapons, shop owner just laughed at them, remotely locked the door and called the police, they all got charged with robbery, and got sentenced for 4 years of children's colony.

Russian prisons in general is pretty harsh but this children's colony was something else, he had to fight for his place and life every day, correctional officers couldn't care less what was happening to them. Once he witnessed how the main criminal authority in this colony murdered one of his cellmates, late at night. At first when he was questioned about the incident he didn’t want to admit that he knew who did it, but later when they gave him a deal, 2 years off the sentence, he agreed, and snitched. Few months later his grandmother passed away. He was devastated, since he had no other family members and no-one that cared for him.

He got released from the colony and some of the gang members of the criminal authority who murdered his cellmate found out that Kiril had struck a deal and he’s the one who snitched on their boss. They came to his small, unfurnished apartment and started to threaten to kill him. He grabbed a few of his stuff, packed it all into his backpack and jumped down from the 2nd floor balcony, and started to run as fast as he could. He found a place to stay for a night, under a big tree far from his apartment. He checked his wallet and tried to make a plan of what to do next. He had 15000 rubles on him, he went to the internet café and booked a plane ticket to Los Santos.

Since then he's been trying to change his life, trying to forget all the bad things in his past and move on, start a real career and find himself a partner to finally build a family that he never had.



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After arriving in Los Santos, Kiril was dumbfounded by the possibilities, but he had to first earn some money to keep him going. He started doing regular freelance jobs, here and there, keeping his promise of a new life, without crime.

After a few days of freelance jobs, he was already settling in and getting used to life in a different country. As his application for a firearms license has gone through, he stumbled upon an advertisement of San Andreas Department of Corrections, and thought to himself - Maybe, just maybe, this is my chance! My chance to start a new life, finally… 

Kiril had witnessed the harsh reality of Russian prisons and correctional officers who don't do their work with compassion.
He thought, let me show you how it’s done, and sent an application to become a member of DOC. He passed his training and all the stages of the application process with ease.

While at DOC he has already met a lot of new colleagues, who are slowly becoming his only friends. For the first time in a while you’d see him laughing, enjoying his days working together as a team. For the first time in his life, he has someone to trust, someone who could help him in a tough situation. Kiril is sure that this is just a beginning to something much bigger, that this could actually be his new life.




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While working at DOC, he received an E-Mail from HR, about a prom, on Saturday night in Paleto’s club called Mojito Inn, hosted by LSMC. Himself and a few co-workers couldn’t miss the opportunity to go out and relax from the work, as well as get to know each other better.   

 Before the prom we all gathered at the nearby clothes store, to get our evening attires. When the club opened, pretty much all of the DOC staff came to the party, grabbed some drinks and had a really good time. When our warden Solomon got crowned a prom king, and had his slow dance with the queen, the club was getting less and less crowded, but Kiril didn’t want to end the night so soon, he grabbed a bottle of vodka and said to himself, Fuck it, since everyone’s leaving, let me just find someone to drink with. 

As he approached the bar, he saw a beautiful lady, standing there, all alone. He approached her, asked if she’d like to have a drink with him. She agreed, while ordering few vodka and lime shots, they struck up a conversation, getting to know each other just a little, that’s how Kiril met Ava, the president of LSMC, he found her pretty approachable, talkative and hard working person, after taking  few drinks, the club was officially closing down for the night, he tried his luck, asking Ava out for some drinks some other time, she agreed. Kiril gave her his number, knowing that she’s really busy, asked her to call or write when she’s able to go out someday. 

A few days passed, waiting for a call or text from Ava, but still nothing. He noticed that one of his co-workers had just arrived to work on a fresh chopper bike and was wearing a leather jacket. He had a conversation with Urban, asking if she’s looking to join a MC? She said yes, she’d love to join LSMC.
That was his chance, he asked if she had Ava’s phone number, after a few days of back and forth she finally gave him the number. First thing he did was send a text asking if Ava still wants to go out for a few drinks. Meanwhile Kiril was talking with Urban asking why she’s joining the club, turns out she’s into Ava as well, and she just had a bad breakup with her girlfriend, looking for, in Kiril’s opinion, a rebound. 

That’s how the friendly rivalry for Ava’s heart between Urban and Kiril started. One day after the work he had some free time, and he thought maybe he could do some ride-outs with Urban, as he called her and it turns out she’s already at the LSMC HQ, with Ava. When he arrived at HQ, he met Johnny, the VP of LSMC, Ava and Urban, and had a little talk with everybody. Johnny explained the basics of this club's operations, calling it a one big family, as Ava had to leave for some important business. 

Few days later he got the message from Ava about the church on Sunday, at the HQ. Sunday came and He arrived at the HQ for the meeting, had a talk about future plans of the MC and other things. After the talk we were asked if we’d like to join the club, Kiril and Urban agreed immediately. 
While at the meeting he noticed a spark between Urban and Ava, how they looked at each other, the flirty smiles, whispering, thinking maybe they two would be a much better couple and it’s not just a rebound for Urban. 

All of us took a trip from LS to Paleto’s HQ to get our kutte’s and patches. While driving down the highway, Kiril thought about the future with, what felt like, a new family, and came to conclusion that Urban deserves to be happy and if this happiness is her and Ava being together he has to be a good friend and put down his sword and shield to end this rivalry for Ava’s heart, letting them both find happiness together. 

We had had a stop over at Bayview, as Kiril whispered to Urban: “She’s all yours, I’m stepping away from this battle for Ava’s heart.”

Urban whispered back: “Thank you, that really means a lot to me, I’m attached to her, she’s like my fire for a moth.” 

As the evening came to an end they both received their kutte’s and patches, Urban and Ava were still flirting and whispering. Kiril with a smile on his face said his goodbye to everybody and drove off, knowing that he found a new family and perhaps witnessed a beginning to a new heartwarming relationship between Ava and Urban.


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