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  1. dwadad.thumb.jpg.9cb56efada0274102adcbd9afe902cc9.jpgLCSO1.jpg.f89acb6249532e490edc7ff9f672e2c8.jpg20181101_192357.thumb.jpg.b3b7709c0ac02d95049bfcdf479417f8.jpgTDCJ1.jpg.689369b51e3bf90e941b08357cab0fc1.jpg
  2. They say Fortune favours the bold, and the brave for the fight tonight. I've lived my whole life under that motto. Helping and providing where i could, doing all that i can day in and day out.
  3. is a former corrections officer starting out as an seg officer COIII moving to COIV and finally Sgt. of corrections with T.D.C.J (Texas department of criminal justice) at the furgeson max unit in midway 2017-2019.
  4. Also having Worked for the R.V.F.D 2016-2018 (Riverside Volunteer Fire Department) as a firefighter in his spared time. A Former L.C.S.O Deputy With Leon County Sheriffs office 2019 to the end of 2020.
  5. "once and always" a 0311 Marine of the U.S.M.C {E-4} Cpl 2D BN 3D Marines 2011- 2015, F Company. Being in Texas was Great but i wanted to be closer to my family.
  6. I was feeling a little off from not being around my mother and grandparents. I have family that lives all over San Andreas. My mother lives in Rockford hills, while my grandparents live in Sandy Shores. Family is the heart and soul of every great man.
  7. So i moved to San Andreas With the thought in mind for a job, I figured with my prior skill set in tow. I could apply myself to the Local PD (Police Department) or SO (Sheriffs office)
  8. Could even maybe be your own hit for hire. Look Don't judge, i can see your glare from across the room. the world is a cruel and unforgiving beast. ripe with fruit for the strong and willing, it's not a place for the weak.
  9. When you make your own bed every morning before leaving, You prepare to lay in it never to get up again.
  10. I'd say i'm a crack shot, Sporting a Expert rifle qualification from the marines and holding first of my class scoring from my corrections academy PFT (Physical fitness test) and firearm training a with .357 magnum 12 gauge shotgun and AR-15 5.56/.223 and firearms training with the sheriffs department.
  11. Trained in verbal intervention and deescalation tactics. My Word Judo is Strong.
  12. physical conditioning is a specialty of mine. Being a creature of habit i do P.T (physical training) every day for 2 hours taking a run at 0400, doing pushups, situps, pullups, crunches, cardio. 
  13. My hobbies include hunting, fishing, and being a weapon loving enthusiast.  just some of My positives are accepting authority,  being devoted,  being decisive. my negatives yeah i've got a few, we all do. I can be vain, indifferent, tight, at times.
  14. Let's hope when we meet its on good terms, and not for the worst, As we both want to leave the same way we came in. In one piece and not Swiss cheese or missing limbs.
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