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Din Djarian

John Churchill a lost soul

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John Churchill was born and raised in San Andreas.  Born in a middle to lower class family, John spent most of his days and nights studying and doing homework.  Churchill was an only child and had very few friends and spent most of his time playing alone.  Being from a poor family, John had to work from a young age.  He did all kinds of odd jobs to help out his family.  Unfortunately John's parents deserted him at the age of 15, leaving him to his own devices.  He became a drifter and lost himself.  John was very conflicted.   John spent the rest of his teen years and twenties fending for himself in various ways,  including crime. By the time he was 25 he became part of a society of thievery hoping to find himself.   John did this for a couple of years until one day.  This was a day that changed Churchill's life forevermore.  He was involved in commiting a string of crimes when he got caught by local authorities, was tried, sent to prison for 5 years with a chance for parole in 3.   His parole officer changed his life.  After his time was served, he became a bounty hunter.  Helping local authorities try to keep peace.  He came to Los Santos hopefully to find himself.

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