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Jason Hyde (TL;DR, Purple text)

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Residing from Gods own Country within the United Kingdom, my names Jason Hyde, feel free to call me Jay.

A friendly soul with a shady life, yearning for something more than a restrictive life under "our Queens" 'almighty Kingdom. Growing up around the finest estates England had to offer, learning how to master the 'friend not foe' attitude from an early age, talking, learning, keeping in the loop while keeping my name out of peoples mouths. As freedom grew more and more for myself as the years got on and I got older, I reached the end of what my precious home could give me as the communities began to turn on each other, I decided to escape to somewhere I've heard of that is ripe with opportunity for an open-minded individual like myself.

The people I've had experience with is vast and many and as honest as I can be about being dishonest, I have worked, I have passions. Animals, nature, spirituality. Makes me empathetic about the weaker beings that shall be in my path one day which has always deterred me from the pettier of crimes but more as a vigilante when people prey on the weak as it shows them to be prey for the unexpected. I suppose it comes with the gang mentality of we all should be punished on how we carry ourselves, I always have been and always will in return, so why not enjoy the teaching of respect along the way? - Anyway, I find myself droning and day dreaming. If anything, catch me out on a ride or a race, might have a few things to peddle, a few jobs to offer, services etcetera. I imagine I'll be sightseeing and exploring so if anyone sees me around, feel free to hit me up! I'm open to any interaction as I find it important to life experiences and learning in general, other customs and cultures do interest me a lot, some would say I'm quite into Sociology others would just say I chat a lot of shit, that's up to you to interpret. 

As for the more dishonest, what I look forward too is being able to tell the difference. In a place where people don't fly their colours, you can feel very alone, very lost and yet instead of fear it turns to irritation of people just not showing their commitment or respect to their own and hiding in the mass of innocents to pounce on their prey in the daylight. I do idolise the gangs I've seen in the news, on the internet, social media from Los Santos and other areas, it does feel me with some sort of pride and drive towards somewhere you can finally be open and respected about your doings (within reason anyway) without having as much of a certain risk of snakes waiting to prey on your success but more a greater chance of showing dominance and giving respect to those whom are my peers. As one who doesn't live with regrets nor a proper conscience of right or wrong, I hope to find the right family that understand the likeminded type of thinking. Chilling in the sun in the park with the boys? Perfect, making sure the paint doesn't mix? Even better.


I look forward to making contacts in the city, friends and business colleagues. For what I see in my future is the lifestyle of the drugs and the hard mentality behind it, not to forget seeing how another country operates and hopefully get enough backing and information to finally free some of my friends from their chains under hierarchy back home to join me in this new experience! Whichever end of the barrel we may meet on, whenever we're both walking down that same alleyway in the midst of night, I hope we can both teach each other something new!


I'll leave this with a quote from one of my favourite moves and books;

"I'm just a bloody normal bloke. A normal bloke who likes a bit of torture." - Eric Bana as Chopper Reid 



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