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Race Tracks & Car Changes

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1. I would like to see the implementation of race maps with a hand full of underground IC race organizers. This would add a new element to the game that people love! Racing the cars they have put so much IG money into. Gambling, Underground mods, Racing, Cop chases trying to break up racers and something that might get people off the pathetic robbing people trope.  This could promote a lot of positive RP for the Eclipse community!

Example: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/street-races

2. Top end Mods for cars go to the Underground. There is a thing street racers like to brag about and its call.. "It aint street legal.". I think this could add quite a bit of RP to the above and add some new mechanics into the game that dont have to have a squeaky clean criminal record. The way it stand a lot of people cant even get jobs as a mechanic if they have been arrested and to be honest... I know a lot of amazing mechanics that are far from clean in my personal life. 

Example: NOS - Illegal
               Turbo 2 - Illegal
               Fake Plates - Illegal 

Underground Mechanic shop. 

Thoughts on the above?

-Player of Gears Thompson

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