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John Otto is a worrisome newcomer to the city. He is timid since he doesn't know anyone, nor does he know the basics of where to find a job, as if he was even qualified. He has had a rough upbringing, never being able to land a solid job overseas, he was sent to the city by his family, with his brother Nathan, to find new paths in life, and hopefully find careers. He has worked in the food and entertainment industry in the past, but never really retained any skills aside from some basic communication skills. Little does he know, those skills are going to be the only thing that might be able to help him in the new city.... Back in the day he used to dream of buying a low-riding sports car, moving into his own place, owning some luxury-brand designer clothing, and being able to go out on the strip for the night. Maybe someday meeting the girl of his dreams and raising a family together in a big house....Big dreams that would take big money, but with his job history and not being able to stick with a career, these things are way out of reach for John, and he understood that. While on the long boat ride into the new city, he starts to feel as if his old passions won't stick. He is no longer thinking of being able to buy that shiny red car, or that Gucci suit... He wants to find and appreciate the smaller things in life, such as the beauty of nature, the slow tides of the sea, and bright lights of the night life passing by. Mr. Otto is now visibly shaking on his boat ride in, as there are so many opportunities for him once he understands his surroundings, but he has no idea where to start.

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