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Jayden Harris

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Name: Jayden Harris

Gender: male

Marital status: single

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity: Caribbean black male

Age: 22

Dob: June 29 1998

Height: 6”3

Buld: Built

Hair: Dreads black

Nickname: J2 trappy

Eyes:light brown


Jayden or J2 is a Black young man that his mother died at a young age of cancer (Sarah Harris). He had grown up with Karl Harris. J2 is a "Former Gang member" from London that in the past wanted  pursue Football but it didn't go well when someone embarrassed him playing. He then Decided to rap which he was quite good at. Through his two Bestfriends Zs and B.stizzy would slowly move to the streets selling drugs stabbing etc. J2 would then instead of just being on the streets channel his energy into music rapping about what he does on the streets and his upbringing. This gained Popularity with his two biggest tracks being "Run down an opp" and "Midas Touch" Gaining 3 million views each. J2 would build his brand more and purchase M82 Barrett Sniper rifle. This made him even more popular making him know to be "the only person in London with a sniper".  He would later have this sniper confiscated and charge for possession of a armed weapon leading him to be imprisoned for 2 years at aged 20. He would come out at 22 and release one more song being titled  "Toxicity". He would rap about no one cared for when he was in prison no calls nothing. But when he got out they all then cared about him. He would get angry at this fake behaviour and leave to Go to Los Santos to stay with His Cousin Santan. He would go to Los santos thinking is he going carry on with the crime he started or is he going to try hustle from the bottom of the employment and become a famous music artist in Los santos.

Jayden has many character traits such as:


Being aggressive he would often lose his temper with someone he really doesn’t like and often go overboard. He is also not afraid of the police and will show this aggression to them also.


Jayden is also an anime fan a little bit of a nerd at times but if you were to mock him on it it wouldn’t go well it’s best to just be friendly with him when it comes to anime.


His friends would also describe him as a little animated due to him being a joker and would often joke around even in the studio.


Due to his gang activities he is very desensitised to killing and people being killed where he doesn’t care at all anymore.


He is also seen as a celebrity in London being the rapper and “the only guy in London with a sniper rifle” and would often times say to people “you know who I am like come on”


He is also seen as childish and make jokes like “that’s what she said” and would still laugh at very childish jokes made.


He is also seen as cocky flirting with girls and thinking he is the greatest artist and gang member in London. Due to this cockiness he will not settle for less.


He also still deep down has aspirations to be a footballer even though he had a bad injury. He loved the sport but the sport doesn’t love him


He is very very unpredictable and his actions aren’t easily tracked. Doing things on impulse and sometimes doing things based on anger




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