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Problem with Apartment Complex

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I entered an apartment complex to view suites for sale. I was able to enter the suite and then go to the elevator and change to another suite/floor, but there seems to be no way to leave the apartments. The "leave" button is always greyed out on the initial interface, even when the "[E] Enter an apartment" is available. When I press [E], the next interface does not have an option to "Leave the Apartment Complex" like can be seen at 7:20 on this video linked below. I also attach my two screenshots of both interfaces.

I tried calling 911 and also left a /report several times. I've been stuck there for over 2 hours RL time. No police response, no /report response.

Please help, I don't know what to do.








As you can see, there's no menu option to leave, as the screen capture below from the video at the bottom suggests there should be.






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