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Leonardo Gambino - New Character

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Leonardo Gambino
DOB: 04/17/1982
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NYC
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'-2"
Age: 38(Currently)
SSN: 604-40-5324
Drivers License#: E8386932

Family: [Deceased]

Father - John Gambino [Mafia Crime Boss]
Mother - Darla Gotti (Gambino)
Sibiling(s) - N/A




Stregnths include:

Skilled Gunman;
Can get things done;
Really good with Economic side of things;

Weaknesses include:

Holding a relationship;
Can't hold a job



Burger Shot - 1998
Wendys - 1999
Cluck'n Bell - 2003
Mafia Gangster - 2008 to Current


North Yankton - 1985 (kid)

Vice City - 2004

Liberty City - 2008

Los Santos - 2019 (current)


Leonardo Gambino was born in Brooklyn, NYC on April 17th, 1982. His father, John Gambino, was a well known Mafia Boss who went by the nickname, "The Lady Killer".  Leonardo was raised into a mafia family. Leonardo has no siblings and is an only-child. Little knowing he was raised into the mafia family, he succeeded well in school all the way until he was introduced by his father to his father's "co-workers". Darla, Leonardo's mother, did what she could to not bring Leonardo into his fathers life.  As difficult as it was, Darla managed to escape her husband and kidnap her only-son. Darla escaped to North Yankton in 1985 later to find that her husbands "co-workers" were there to end her life in front of her child. Luckily at the time, cops had arrived to the scene only to find bloodshed of Leonardo's' mother. It was a tragedy he could never forget. Leonardo was put into a foster care system until he was the age of 18 when he decided to move to his uncle Franks (John Gambino's brother) in Vice City. Little knowing, Uncle Frank played a vital role in the Gambino family. He served as one-of-the-greatest henchman and yet cruel. Frank taught Leonardo how to fight and how to talk business. He was training Leonardo to become the next Mafia crime boss. When Frank felt Leonardo was ready, he sent off Leonardo to Liberty City to work under his father. Leonardo spent the next several years being an professional gunman to the well-known John Gambino. On August 5th, 2016, John Gambino was killed in a fatal car-crash. The news broke out once LCPD released information of whom John Gambino was and who was on their wanted list for being part of the notorious crime family. Two years later, nearly all of the Gambino family was locked behind bars. Except for one person, Leonardo Gambino. Leonardo Gambino was founded by the court, "innocent and not guilty". After the court hearing, Leonardo decided it was time to get out of Liberty City and to move to Los Santos. He moved to Los Santos in 2019. His current status in unknown. Some say he has been seen around
the deep-roots of Los Santos.

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