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Limber Nam

Jack sam's backstory

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Jack Sam - Jack was the loyal child in his family he always took the role of being a role model to his brothers lumber and Tony very seriously
one night on a snowy December day Jack was working on Christmas decorations with his mother, his father came home sweating and losing his
mind, he was holding a glock 17, Jack was a smart child and could figure out things really quickly, after noticed his dad had a weapon
he backed up from him for his own safety, then it hit him. Before that night his father was on a phone call with a male, jack didn't know the
name of this person but he knew that his father didn't like the man in any way, while listening to the conversation in secret jack heard his 
father shout "I WANT MY F***ING DRUGS" Jack knew that his dad was addicted before, Jack noticed that the reason his dad was holding a 
weapon was probably he shot someone then his dad shouted "his body is in my car" his dad burst out the house and walked to his car, this
was happening while his brothers lumber and tony were asleep, his mother quickly picked up the phone and dialed 911, she told them the 
situation but before finishing she heard her husband opening the door, she grabbed jack and had no time for the others, she ran out of the 
back door and dropped her phone on the way they ran 7 blocks away from the house and tried to get in contact with someone, Jacks father 
came in with the body and saw jack and her mother no where to be found, he started to get really angry, he looked down and saw that jacks
mother's phone was on the floor, he took a glance and saw that 911 was on the call, he dropped the body and went up stairs to see tony and
lumber still asleep he grabbed both of them and threw them into the car, he drove to the closest airport and got a ticket to 
San Andrea's Los Santos. Weeks passed by and he was still under hiding from the police, he found illegal jobs and earned money to support
his family, shortly after he was running low and knew he couldn't support two children, Luckily for him he had cousins that lived near him
The O'niels, he gave Tony Sam to the O'niels and kissed his son goodbye not knowing when he would be able to see him again, lumber was 
the only child for his dad, he grew up and at the age of 15 he joined a gang but they got raided by the police after an investigation of
hidden drugs in their place of hide out. Jack joined the CIA and resigned after 17 years of being in it, he was given an emergency mission 
before resigning, he was to go to San Andrea's and try to find his lost brothers. 

Lumber Sam coming real soon.

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