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Billy Sand (Mini Goblin)

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The Beginning For Billy Sand

Billy sand has had a tough journey throughout his life, losing both his parents to other gangs over in his home country. Billy Sand was born and grew up in Detroit which is where he started his criminal career after his parents were murdered. The 22 year old never had any regrets on anything he ever did as it was all for his parents to earn revenge. He has grown up with his brother who had also moved over to los santos with him to aim for the criminal life. Detroit was the place where he grew up with crime but then moved onto los santos to hit the streets harder. All Billy had to live in was a RV and had to keep on top of his criminal game. On the side Billy was working up in the forest to try his hardest and cut some trees gaining some money on the side. It was when he robbed his first store when he had immediately felt the addiction. 


 The Next Step

Billy and his brother John had both started up a gang with Billy Cletus called The Dark Angels which was a gang that was looking to be very successful, growing in numbers and making deals with massive gangs such as the aztecas. until the time came when all the members inside decided to turn on the boss of the gang, Billy Cletus. There was no longer any trust between anyone and everyone was separated. 


Billy Sand still kept in touch with his brother and then they continued to move over to talk to the aztecas further and discuss upon doing work for them to try and gain rep in the city. They were both able to gain representation and friendships along the way but it then came to the point when Billy and John had to separate and go different ways. 

Billy And The Goblins

Billy sand had come across Bo Vespucci when being at a chop shop by grove street, this is where Billy sand was given his number and had also explained about the goblins. Billy had known that they were in the city and really liked them, he had just always found them extremely hard to find. Billy was extremely intrigued so he and Billy Cletus both contacted Bo and came down to the HQ to discuss with them about being recruited. Both of the Billys had then gone on to do work with them, the work had ranged from hitting labs around the city as well as numerous store robberies. There have also been numerous moments when Billy has had to take one for another member of the family. Travis Totti and Billy where in a car chase for a long time and then it finally ended up in sandy after crashing into a rock, this then faulted the engine and so Billy had stalled the police to let Travis run away. The time that Billy did in jail was worth it. 


Billy went on to do lots of work with everybody staying together like a family, there was then a night when a azteca party was going to happen when most of the goblins had a meeting. In the meeting we had met on the boat. All the higher ups and recruiters had expressed words and had gone on to promote 4 people. Billy Sand being one of these people he was ecstatic as he was a true goblin now and could go on to creating more business and helping more people in the family with work. Billy was able to wear the mask with pride.



I am a man who has grown up in Detroit with his brother where i made sure that i was always working hard to look after my family. I drove them where they wanted to be driven and helped out a lot more. I have always liked meeting new people along the way and driving is one of my favorite things to do. My brother has moved over to Los Santos so i had to as i needed a new beginning after my dad was shot and my mum had passed away from cancer. I worked hard here and made sure that i was looking after myself. There was then a day when i had been working and people had framed me for an active store robbery and they held a gun to my head. i had no say in this so i did what i had to do and went to jail for it. I have never had any intentions in my life of becoming a criminal and never will.

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