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AMD Recording Guide

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In this guide I will talk about how you can record with minimal performance impact.

This can be done with two programs. First one is AMD ReLive and second one is Plays.TV. This guide will cover both.


AMD ReLive


1.Download the latest drivers for your GPU that also include AMD ReLive

2.Install the drivers and restart your PC to apply them.

3.Open the Radeon Settings in the taskbar. 


4.Click on the Relive button in the settings. 


5.Then enable ReLive and Record Desktop so the software still records when you alt tab the game. 


6.In this tab, you can change your record settings.(Older GPUs don’t support recording

720p or 1080 at 60fps)


7.When you are IG and want to record last x minutes. Just press ALT+Z and select this icon.





1.Download Plays.TV from their site

2.Install it, you don’t need to restart your PC.

3.Start the client and you will see this interface.


4.Click on the cogwheel in the upper left corner. You can adjust your recording quality.


5.Select the manual setting and set your own highlight length.


6.When you are IG and want to record last x minutes. Just press CTRL+F3 to save the highlight


And this is it for the both programs, if you have Nvidia GPU, read Badger’s guide

If you have any trouble with the software, you are more than welcome to PM me on forums or on discord.

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