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Lily Berg Origin Story

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Lily Elisabeth Berg was born the 19th of november 1997 in the capital of sweden, stockholm.

Lily lived all her childhood in a small apartment with her mom Annika, her dad had left Anikka when he found out she was pregnant with Lily meaning Lily never had a father growing up.

When Lily turned 18 she decided to go study abroad, not only to get a good degree but also to visit her dream country, USA. She started studying cullinary arts at Los Santos University.

After graduating she decided to keep living in Los Santos as she made alot of friends.

2 years after graduation she started to become very poor, she had recently lost her job due to unknown reasons and all she had left was her apartment and her car, so she started to talk with some of her friends and quickly got into the gang life.

She first started off as an "officer" in The Shelby's but then quickly went silent due to unknown complications within the gang.

2 months later she wanted to go back to the gang life so she quickly began looking, and the first gang that caught her interest was Los Atlas, A newly created street gang that had some of her previous friends in it. She was in it until the gang disbanded due to unknown reasons.

This meant she had to find a new gang ASAP, so she began looking again, very quickly, she started to hang around The Midnight Club and very quickly got in as an official member, but something was lurking behind her at all times. She knew she wanted a criminal street gang, so she started hanging with Murdablock, Created by ex West Coast Assasins members. This was gonna be big for her.


Times flew by, she got accepted into Murdablock and then got promoted to "Thug" and here she is today, rolling with Murdablock and making herself known.

Lily Berg.png

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