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Yohan Makarov

Flag and feedback system

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Hi all,

First off let me state that I am having a good time on this server as a new player and am able to make my way around town and get some cash in. However there are a couple of things that are breaking my experience currently as is. With the increasing new playerbase there are a lot of new people in town creating two side-effects:

- One is that new players are able to get up and running, but if you have bad luck and get robbed towards your first job you are screwed.
- The new players don't understand and/or acknowledge the ruleset therefor ruining the experience for themself and others.
- Already settled players are exploiting the new playerbase heavily making this gap even bigger and turn this into an endless cycle. People start off and get robbed so I guess I start robbing people?

Of course there is a lot more that has impact to these kind of situations. Initially when starting off on the server I got powergamed, new player robbed, vdm, dm all the goods under 24hrs. I'm not a novice to 'survival' games so I don't really care about losing all my shit and had a fun time meeting some people and getting back on track. At some point I made a elaborate report to which I understand there is nothing to do about that. ( You can read up about my frustration over there I don't want to get in on that )

The problem:
From the current playerbase when there are ~400 people online I think only 150 maybe 200 are really contributing to RP. The rest are using the ruleset to their advantage whenever they deem fit and because of the overwhelming reports on the forums there is zero chance of justice. Of course if there are 8 people involved, someone will create a report. But I'm talking about all the small occurrences that are a enormous hassle to deal with to get my crate back at the mine because someone ran away, I held him at gunpoint to call the police and make a citizen's arrest but he just runs. If I shoot, its DM, if I let him run I lose my crate and can only refund above 25K. And honestly as a new player I never run around with that.
Last night I came across a store with my buddy and two people were robbing it, we approached with our gun drawn and told them to walk out with their hands raised but they just went into the car and drove off. I made a report, and by the time the admin came back at me I was in the situation of the next guy that was trying to lockpick my RV. I hold him at gunpoint, he just runs. When I shoot him, my hypothetically acquired firarms license will be revoked according to ruling.
The admin ( shoutout Bakmeel thanks for listening ) asked me if I could create two reports. And I understand I should, but as you can read above here, I would be making more reports than playing the game and I think its a bit childish. I don't want to get people banned I just want them to know and have a cool interaction next time.


The solution:
Instead of creating reports and overloading admins with a bunch of overhead bureaucracy I suggest implementing a flagging system with feedback loop alongside the current report system.

OR integrate this in the /badrp /goodrp system but I have no real evidence of any actions being taken using that system ( I am a new player so please forgive me if this is actually already the silver bullet )

What I would like to see if that if a player gets X ammount of flags in the last hour an admin just goes and checkup whats the deal and how they are playing.
I hope a mod has the authority to at least give some form of penalty on the spot.
IF there are actions taken after a person receives some form of feedback to encourage flagging people if the flag was justified.

Curious to your thoughts, and other solutions to the overload in reports and keeping the turnaround time short so stuff can happen while or at least still kind of relevant to the broken experience of the victims involved.


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Thank you for your patience while this suggestion was being reviewed/researched.

After reviewing/researching this suggestion, we have decided to deny it for the following reason(s): 

  • There are some issues with this. If someone is flagged for attacking another player without DM rights, which breaks the rules, then one flag against them won't make them stand out against someone else that is flagged for poor RP but no rulebreaks. This system would most likely be exploited and make it far harder for staff to do their job as efficiently.

This decision is final. Unless instructed to, do not post another suggestion pertaining to this topic. You will still be able to submit other suggestions on the forums.



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