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Regina Orchard Origin Story

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I wrote this in a text document thinking it would all fit in the bio section on the quiz to join but it doesn't even come close so I want to post the full thing here. I'm not great at writing please forgive me.


Name: Regina Orchard
Age: 28
Height: 5’6”

Regina Orchard was born at 12:00AM on October 31st. After her mother found out she was pregnant, Regina’s father had committed several robberies to try and raise money for his family. 2 weeks before she was born, her father was shot and killed by the police after attempting to rob a bank. Broken from the incident, and having relapsed to her old ways with drugs and alcohol, her mother had arranged for Regina’s grandfather to take care of her after she was born. Her mom later died from a heroin overdose in the bathroom of a Chuck E Cheese where she was celebrating her 6th birthday.

Growing up, being very troubled, Regina was a bit of a wild child. At age 9, her and her Grandpa moved to Evo City because she was bullied at a young age when the kids found out about the unfortunate circumstances of her mother's death. In middle school, she was known to skip school and go out with her friends instead, who would eventually encourage her to shoplift for the first time when she was 12 years old. When she was 15, she went to a juvenile detention centre for disobeying probation orders after being caught shoplifting several times. Regina would be released when she was 16, and would stay out of trouble for the remainder of her teen years.

Regina has always had a negative opinion of cops throughout her life, due to the way her father died, and the several times growing up she had run into the cops. As a teenager she would never cooperate with them, which eventually led to her going to juvie. Her grandfather was always very supportive. He was a hippie type, and was always high on that sticky brinky skunk skunk. He was fairly well off from all the coke he had gotten away with selling in the 80s. He opened up a medical marijuana shop in 1999, which he ran up until just a few months ago.

When she turned 21, Regina worked for her grandfather at his medical marijuana dispensary for 5 years. During this time, he would tell her many stories about his experiences selling drugs and working with gangs, and she would later use this information for her own experiences doing the same. A couple years after she began working for her grandfather, she would start growing her own illegal cannabis to sell on the street for extra cash. Eventually she started selling cocaine as well. Soon she knew she had to move somewhere bigger and better if she wanted to get bigger deals and make more money.

In 2018 she moved to Paralake City where she would get involved with a gang who would produce and sell meth, and a lot of meth at that. During a few close calls, Regina would calmly talk to the police and would convince them there was nothing going on, and they would be on their way. One day an officer pulled her over while hauling a semi trailer full of meth, and insisted on checking out the back. Thousands of pounds of meth were seized, and Regina convinced the police to let her become a confidential informant, and in return for ratting out her fellow gang members, she would be granted complete freedom.

Regina knew that it was dangerous for her to stay in Paralake City, so she decided to move her and her grandpa far away to Los Santos where they would live out the rest of their lives quietly and peacefully. She wants to start a new life out there, a clean life. She wants to work a normal job, maybe run a legitimate business, but will do whatever it takes to take care of her and her grandpa, even if that means going back to her ways.



If you made it this far thanks for reading 🙂

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