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Extra characters appearing in fmembers

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Date and time (provide timezone):  30/05/2020, unsure of the time

Character name: Ben_Snow

Issue/bug you are reporting: Went to log in yesterday, pressed play once and it didn't load. After pressing it multiple times it ended up logging me in, after seeing messages in DOC faction chat there was apparently multiple clones of my character. Logged in today (31/05/2020), to see PD faction chat which I am not in and to be stuck on PD frequency however a quick relog fixed that.

Expected behavior:  Should have logged me into my character upon pressing play once, shouldn't of made me appear multiple times in fmembers.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate
Ben.pngBakmeel told me to submit a bug report, I don't exactly know how you'd replicate this but maybe it occurred during a period where the server was lagging and it duplicated my character. However, multiple characters don't show up on my panel as seen below.O1PBHiK.png
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