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13 Extra Characters

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Date and time (provide timezone): 05/29/20 , Not sure what time exactly but it was shortly after the server came back up from being down for a couple hours.

Character name: Kaiden Moonbay, Matthew Moonbay, Ezra Moonbay (Ezra Moonbay with 13 extra characters)

Issue/bug you are reporting: So the server had reset, and I had just gotten on. The server was to be restarted again 15 minutes after I joined as an Admin had said in chat. Before the server restarted, I bought an extra character slot in the credit shop. When the server restarted I went to make my new character, went through all the normal steps, and pressed Finish. It didn't do anything the first time I clicked Finish so I spammed it presumably 12 more times. Nothing happened so I waited for a couple minutes when all of a sudden I was sent back to the character selection screen but with 13 extra Ezra Moonbay's to choose.

Expected behavior: Nothing out of the ordinary, it just clogs up my Admin Panel and my character selection screen.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I have no idea how to replicate this bug. The evidence is in the three images I linked with this thread. Note worth mentioning: These characters aren't actually playable. If I click on any Ezra Moonbay name it puts me in the game as just one Ezra Moonbay. They appear to all be separate characters but each one just links to a single character.


Screenshot (169).png

Screenshot (170).png

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