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The Story of Bankz Dinero

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Name: Bankz Dinero

AGE: 24

Born & Raised: Los Santos

Height: 6ft

Weight: 185


Bankz wasn't your average kid growing up. Although from the outside looking in you'd think he was just your everyday street hustler, he'd blow your mind with the knowledge and experience life's given him already. At the age of 16 Bankz was scouted by D1 college football, D1 college basketball, and a few semi pro offers overseas. The neighborhood golden boy, ya know the one everybody could see a star without even making a sound. What everyone else would see as a picture perfect life until the night of his regional basketball game, where he watched his mother take her last breath after being T-boned by drunk kids from his school who thought it'll be a good idea to drink on a Tuesday night in city.


As horrible as it sounds you wouldn't think this accident would be enough to stop such a promising star away from his true destiny but as we all know "when you knock the roots from under a tree, it all comes falling down." If you asked Bankz, Mrs.Dinero  his late mother was a corner stone to the entire family which had his father fall into a overwhelming amount of pressure and doubt of continuing life. So from there Bankz was sent to live with his grandma, where his dad was old home but most ppl know it by San Andreas.


Time felt as thin as paper with the how loose it was, 6months after the death his mother and living in a new city and yet Bankz seemed unbothered. I mean let's be honest we've all seen courage before but this was nothing like it, It was more like he was numb to things now, numb to love, numb to hate, it seemed as Bankz Dinero was numb to life. What an entire city thought of as "THE NEXT BIG THING" was no more special than any one else out there.


Skipping school and smoking weed to escape his sunken place Bankz found himself in hangin' with notorious friends known as OG Loc, Ryder, Sean Johnson aka Big Homie Sweet. who later goes down as hood legends but to Bankz they was everyday ass people who didn't know when to shut the fuck up or pass the damn blunt. Issues and all that was family, the boys who took care of him and showed him the way of a real street n****a. Now nobody said that it was a easy life he chose but when you feel you have nobody you to turn too the streets welcome you in like blood, no matter if you black, white, blue or purple.


9more months go by and the streets got ahold of Bankz at this point. He's known as the hood stick up kid, the hot boy on the block. 2 weeks away from his 18 birthday he ready for another move, but not any move he's no longer that sad kid we remember who mindlessly creating havoc every where he turns. This time he got a plan to get rich that'll make him a legend from the streets of San Andreas to the coast of Los Santos, all he need his for everything to work out exactly right. No dead bodies, no witnesses, and for damn sure NO POLICE. BUT this ain't the movies and history shows when you fuck up... The police right there to pick yo ass up after life get done whoopin' yo ass.


Bankz Dinero was now fighting a felon gun charges, fleeing of police officers, 3 counts of deadly assault and name was mentioned multiple times in a RICO case the feds was building against The Grove Street Families and life didn't seem it could get any worst for him but what Bankz did in them streets made him a Young GOD in them 4 walls. What we would assume would be a speedy trial took over a three year to process because of these shady ass SA cops and judges but all that shit bit them in the ass once the new DA got in office. Bankz was released because the cops was too busy whooping his ass and forgot to read him his rights. The irony right... Now it's 2020 his homies who was out are either dead or in jail and the city just don't feel right no more so now he's moving to Eclipse City with hopes of starting a new life, meeting a woman, work a honest job yk. Atleast that's the goal and he's willing to come out on top no matter what life throws his way.

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