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Ricardo: Diaries of an eternal wanderer

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Los Santos was merely a vision, purely a dream. Although it may seem like this is the life I wanted to have in such an open minded city, I now find myself stranded with my own thoughts regarding the past, the present, and what is about to come.


In less than two years ago, I was climbing my way up to become one of the most aspiring Jazz musicians in Lisbon, Portugal. There was nothing to complain about. The educational support from my parents since the very beginning, the emotional support of my many friends, each with it’s peculiar way of being himself. Those were the foundations I grew upon.

I didn’t pick sides nor stereotypes. I knew life was to be enjoyed any way you’d like. There were no if’s, and’s or but’s. Everything was a matter of perspective, and if you were able to understand anyone’s perspective, you’d be gaining knowledge, you’d be taking a step closer towards understanding Humanity.

Whilst taking those mentality approaches, I was digging every Jazz Club around the city. I was having a blast.

From one club to another, day after day, many were the alleys I was walking onto. It wasn’t easy for a tiny town boy like me to get used to all the lights and the massive gatherings of different-looking individuals. However, time handles it all, and I got more than used to it.



The night life quickly introduced me to all the “angels” regarding my artistic passion. But life always tries to balance whatever side you’re on, and after the angels, so came the demons.         





It looks like I wasn’t being myself. In order to live, you have to be aware of your surroundings, to be fully counscious on what is happening. But when you find yourself at your purest humane form, it is most important how you react to the situation.

In one of the alleys previously mentioned, whilst walking with a few mates, I was threatned by several thugs. I had a knife pointed at me. A f***** long and sharp one, I must add. We could’ve handled the situation, but instead, I chose to act peacefully. I took a step further and told them not to harm any of my colleagues.





The hell with that city. The hell with them, and the hell with me?!

I’ve always thought too much, and the action that took me seconds to conclude was best, ended up by taking lives.

I have never forgotten them, and I never will. That is why from that day forward, I decided to act on behalf of my purest form. I decided to act wether through actions, emotions or through verbal communication straight out of myself without thinking twice. My body accumulated rage overtime, I started favoring guns, knives included, and from there, my life took a hellish turn.


I started realizing a change regarding behaviour by everyone around me. Whilst keeping to myself a friend would never abandon a friend regardless of how horrible, guilty or sad he is, I was experiencing the contrary. My musical renown lasted weeks until it disappeared, just like everyone around me. And since everyone I knew had disappeared, I decided to do the same.







Los Santos is merely a vision, purely a dream. But I went for it. Packed few bags, took the flight, and boo-ya! After eight hours of flight, there I was.

From there, I went to the least expected place for me to go to: a tattoo parlor. If I was about to live my new life, I needed every detail settled. That’s why I chose that tattoo.. also because it helps me keeping the idiots away.




Simple and mean. Fuck it. It’s all about respecting and getting respected back.





Two hours after the session, I decided to delay the visit around Los Santos and I took a taxi over to Paleto Bay, where I was about to revisit my old n’ gold Portuguese pal Jon Sikes.

As soon as I put my feet on the ground, I notice a freak-yet-nice-looking dude. There he was. Messy hair, cheeky smile on his face, and his boots all covered in dirt. Not to mention the knife on his waist belt. However, it didn’t take long for me to get on the same road.




                       SH*T  IN THE WOODS IF YOU PLEASE




Living in a trailer beside Mount Chiliad, learning how to efficiently wield decent buds in American dirt, hunting, working at the lumber mill chopping wood.. it wasn’t bad.

Jon’s way of living was somehow calming me down. But as I said previously, life always rebalances things.. and Jon had his <Sykozen> “Syko” from Psycho and “Zen” from Zen for a reason. Just two weeks after being around Paleto, all it took for him to start a bar brawl and get out without any issues but respect was his attitude. What a fine motherf*cker, I must say.





<Welcome to San Andreas, brother. You wanna know how things get solved? It’s either man up or shut up.>    





From one place to another

I stepped into piles of dust

Years after the slaughter

Saying goodbye to mother and father

Make a stand in here I must


To act or not to act

To fear or not to fear

Consider this a fact

Someday we’ll disappear


In here, it’s live or die

Don’t act tough, act smart

I’ve lived enough to see men cry

Simple emotions they deny

Due to them not seeing art.


Art is everywhere

From blood to bone

Call me crazy, call me wild

Eternity I roam.


I beho.-...- *scratches*  FUCK  OFF YOU F *scratches*








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18 hours ago, Rykarch said:

Comments and critiques welcome, especially regarding the format, letter size and so on. 

Thank you for taking your time reading! I hope you enjoyed it!

Yo this was a dope storyline I'm interested in seeing it continue.! Good luck my guy!!

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