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(VIDEO) add a few changes to lumberjacking.

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I also mentioned this issue in a bug report, along with the same video below. but here I will offer some suggestions. 

1. somehow make the tree loot spawn up higher so there's no chance for it to be stuck under the ground.

2. remove chop-able trees on the hills, and add more out in the open on flatter ground.

3. make it so you can access the new UI menu through the ground and/or anywhere on the items (ex. you can only access the menu on the log in the middle of the log, make it available on the ends too)

4. random but maybe also make it so we can hold E to cut so were not spamming the key the whole time

5. also random but either way, add more choppable trees to the lumber area!

see the video for more explanation.


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