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A Honest Thought

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I am pretty new to the server but I am experiences things and I think it is best to be honest since it seems many in the community don't want to be, I am not sure if it's the influx of people getting the game for free, casual players, or just trolls but the lack of RP and lack of willingness to do realistic RP is unacceptable Isn't it a rule you must have a valid reason to commit a crime? It is not realistic to just around robbing random people for no reason or to hit people with your cars. This is not regular online GTA. If you want to do that fine but leave the server, Yes, this sounds harsh but even as a new player,  I try my hardest to play my role (even if being a good guy is not treated well) If you're not here to RP, don't come here to troll. I been robbed and killed in front of a medic 3 feet away. That is in no way realistic RP and if anyone thinks so, they don't know RP. A realistic person would not do that. You can say this is just  a game. You're right. GTA Online is a realistic game. Go play that. If you can't or won't adhere to the boundaries of RP, don't be here. I am not talking about not knowing a /ooc or /ic commands. I am more than happy to help another person and I am sure others don't mind helping even if it breaks immersion for helping another player helps the server but if you're here cause it's cool to not play serious, go play regular GTA. Simple as that. I ask the admins and people who run the server to start being more strict about people who are let in and are allowed to stay. Being in this server is a privilege, not a right. Also, I am not butthurt over any incident /ic if it's got a valid reasoning. I even welcome the bad stuff as it helps me become better and improve and makes the city realistic but the unrealistic stuff is already gotten old. If you are one of these people, think about others who care about this server and don't be one of those mentioned above. It ruins it for everyone.

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