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Urko Bellator backstory

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Urko Bellator is a tall and wide man. He is 1.98 meters tall and he has really wide shoulders and wide hips. He has a fit build meaning that he has muscular appearance that tells you from the first look that he has and still is training hard. On top of that he is also quite flexible because of his material arts background. He has black hair and dark brown eyes which almost look black unless you look at them closely or shine light on them. Urko weights 100 kg. 

Urko already had an eventful life before he came to Los santos. Let's go over to his life period by period.

                                                                                                                                       Birth- 15 years old

Urko Bellator was born in a quite and simple place. His parents were middle class. He was an only son. Urko Bellator was very interested in material arts and the art of combat from a small child. Urko was in luck because he was born in a family that has legacy in combat. Bellators were fighters from ancient times. It is not known where they originated or when. What the father of Urko knows is that Bellators were always people of high status. Urko's grandfather was a mafia boss. Urko's father moved out of town as he was not meant for that lifestyle. The grandfather was accepting of this and did not cause any troubles. Bellator in Latin means warrior explained Urko's father to his child. After that starting from 5 years old Urko started training the art of combat that his father thought them and he sought to perfect his art and challenge himself, however he was not violent. Whenever he fought with someone else it was with respect. His school life was simple and easy going. He had decent grades not perfect, not bad either. He was dedicated to training and perfecting his combat. The combat style that he succeeded from his family was a style of mixed material arts. The material arts included grappling, hitting, counter moves and such. Each generation kept modernising the style so it can deal with the new problems like guns and knives and so on. Urko became 15 years old and he moved out to a different country to attend high school. He did not simply leave just for highschool. Urko told his parents that it's going to be a long long time before he comes back since he wants to challenge himself and become better mentally and physically. The last words that his father said to him were: "Go son, find what you are looking for. I also wanted to change my lifestyle and i wished to leave your grandfather side. As he did not got in my way I will not get in yours. Whatever you do or become, you will always have parents who will be waiting for your return. Now go son and tell me a tale like non other when you return." Urko hugged his parents and left with a smile on his face and excitement in his soul for what holds the future. 

                                                                                                                                       15 years old- 18 years old

Urko moved into a bigger town and enlisted in a high school. He had one ambition, to be better then everyone. He wanted to run the town he wanted to be like his grandfather. He did not go to his grandfather town only because he did not wanted to be given the role of a person who commands the town just like that. He wanted to build it himself. He wanted to be like his grandfather and even surpass him one day. He began by first getting to know the people around town. He was asking around looking information up whenever he can find. What he found out is that this town had a lot of small gangs and nothing more. The gangs were up to small petty crimes and were nothing special. No where near a mafia organisation. Urko's initial plan was to take over the biggest organisation over time and then form it to his own liking. Urko thought to himself: "So the organisations around here are pretty pathetic. No matter, it just means that I have to work harder and bring one organisation to the top. In this time Urko was not attending classes much. He was still studying and doing decent like before. he spent few months just trying to get associated with people but he never showed his intentions or his capabilities. He was merely mirroring the characteristics of the people he spoke with back to them. If he was speaking with a thug he would act like a thug. If he was speaking to a proper gentleman he would act like one as well. This kept Urko's skills and motives hidden and nobody in town thought much of him. He was just your every day person in their eyes. When he was 16 years old one day at night he was walking home and he saw 8 men. He observed for a bit. What was happening the 2 biggest factions in town ( which were still pretty small considering actual gangs) were fighting for territory. Urko recognised the 2 gangs. 2 people were from the Moon gang who were always dressing in black and were wearing white masks which covered their whole face except for the eyes. The other 6 people were a part of red eye gang which were wearing red masks that covered their mouth and nose and they had tattoos of red eyes on their arms. a fight broke out and the 2 gangs started fighting. The 2 Moon members were slowly getting bested because of numbers. Urko did not appreciate the red eyes fighting unfairly and he could not help himself but step in. When Urko got mixed up into the fight the 2 moons were on the ground and the red eyes were kicking them. Urko yelled out: "Aren't you the tough red eyes!? This is how you fight you cowards!?" They looked at Urko and then they started laughing. One of the red eye members said:" Bro you are gonna get drooped, go home. Also watch your mouth, you might lose a few teeth. After that Urko charged at the red eyes. He made easy work of all of them since nobody was armed and all of them did not expect for Urko to charge at them. He was fast enough to take 2 of the red eyes by surprise and knock them out cold. After that he used his combat expertise  to take care of the others. He helped up the 2 moons and helped them to get back to their HQ. After this Urko joined the Moons and helped the gang grow. After 2 years the Urko had became the leader after the old leader gave up the title to him and became a high command in the gang as well since he felt that Urko was more deserving of the leader title. When Urko joined the gang he shared his combat skills and knowledge of the gangs he had gathered up with the rest of the moons and they were quickly becoming bigger and stronger. Urko is now 18 years old and he is about to graduate from highschool. He still has yet to be charged with crimes since not even once the Moon gang got involved with the police. At this point after Urko became the leader he started working towords uniting all the gangs into one big organisation which will have morals and standards. It will be an organisation that controls the underworld in the city. 

                                                                                                                                         18 years old- 20 years old

Urko graduated from high school with decent grades and he decided not to go to college. He got the smaller gangs on his side easily. Urko had a promise of money power and control. Most of the gangs had small amounts of money so how could they refuse? Urko's organisation grew more and more until one day he had all the gangs in the town in his organisation. All except for the red eyes. They would better be dead then associated with the moons. Urko did not force the red eyes into anything. He simply said that there will be no moons or red eyes or any gang anymore. They will be all meld together and they will be reborn as a strong organisation that is fit to run the underground of this town. Urko said to the red eyes on their last meeting as he was leaving after he had explained all of this: "You don't want to join? Fine, you don't have to. You will just miss out on the spoils of our successes. I won't force you into anything just don't get in our way." Urko was stooped from leaving by the voice of the leader of the red eyes. The leader asked: "Why are you not taking over us by force? It pains me to say it but your organisation has the funds and the manpower now to erase us. Why are you trying to talk us into it instead of fighting it out?" Urko simply said with a smile on his face:" Because I am not a tyrant" The leader smiled back and said:" You want us to follow a man like you with such friendly character? In the big games there is no place for people like that." Urko replied:" There is a place and time to be warm and cold. Learning when is the right time to be cold or warm is what keeps people on the top." After that the leader laughed and accepted the offer. Now all of the gangs were assembled into one organisation which was named Regnum which translated to kingdom in English. Yes Urko had a thing for Latin words. After this By the time Urko was 20 the organisation was making a lot of money. They were making their money by dealing guns and drugs. Urko attached his morals to the organisation. No killing was allowed unless it's necessary and it's done to our enemies. No hurting innocents in any way as well. The organisation was now full of people who had class and morals and were no longer thugs. The town knew of the organisation and they saw them as good since they were always donating funds to people in need and to the government. They were now people of high authority in the town with many connections. Everyone in the organisation had expensive cars and houses around the town and the organisation was very rich at this point.

                                                                                                                                           20 years old- 23 years old


Urko was now 20 years old and he was about to experience a lot of hardships. Urko was approached by men in black and he was informed that his organisation was not authorised. However they explained that they are pleased with what Urko has accomplished so they said that Urko along with the organisation is going to be working for them starting from now. They were from the neighbouring town. Urko was of course not happy with this so he refused. They threatened  that they will dismantle the whole organisation. Urko was keen on fighting. Urko did not make the right decision here. He was too confident in his organisation's power. After he had learned that this people had belonged to the mafia that had control over most of the state. They never saw any value in the town Urko was in so they never took control of it. Once they saw what Urko had managed to make here they wanted it. When Urko learned this he said to himself: "So what? I am fighting an uphill battle my whole life. We will beat them or we will die trying. Everyone shared Urko's decision. Urko had given everyone in his organisation so much where he could have kept it for himself. This is why everyone was ready to follow him in death if needed. The mafia that controlled the state had played it smart. They had power and control so they cut off the business Urko's organisation had going for them. They took over all of their buyers so Urko's organisation had a massive decline in funds. Urko and his organisation had fought for 1 year and now Urko was almost 22. And then it happened. One night the mafia had  figured out that we will have a meeting and they figured out the location. They raided the place and a massive shoot our happened. Everyone in the Urko's organisation that was high command was killed and Urko was gravely injured. There were a lot of casualties on both sides but the casualties on Urko's side were bigger because every high command had died and the Regnum started to fall apart. Urko was in the hospital and the mafia had a lot of power so they made it seem like it was some sort of accident that did this to Urko. 2 months had passed and now Urko was 22. Regnum was no more. Urko used some of the connections he had left to stay in a safe house where nobody can attack him while he was recovering. He made a full recovery but the organisation was done for. Urko was blinded in rage. He was mad that he lost the fight he was mad that he was bested, but most of all he was made that he lost his friends which he grew fond of over the years. Urko swore that he will get his revenge and he did. He geared up and broke into the HQ of the mafia. He used his skills in combat and agility to get past the guards. He broke his own rule as he killed a lot of guards without being detected. He finally reached the people who spoke to him along with their boss. He did not waste any time and quickly ended their lives using a gun with a silencer. Urko left no traces and only the people who died knew that it was actually Urko that killed them. Urko was considered dead. All of this took about 7 months to plan and pull off. Urko then used the last of his money to disappear from the town all together. He found peace within himself and until this day he remembers his fallen friends. Urko moved to Los Santos where he plans on beginning his new journey. As Urko takes the first step on the Los Santos road across the buss  station he just got off at he said: "I tried, I failed. I will always remember what happened and honour the memory of my allies. Now it's time for a second try. This time I will succeed, this time I'll be the one to be victorious." 

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