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OOC Villain Recreation

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I've been playing on the server for about 2 weeks, love it, btw, but my only concern is my character. recently it has been brought to my attention that using OOC celebrities as characters is failRP, but so far the reaction to my Joker RP has been very positive. OOC, I'm very good at impersonating the Joker laugh so I figured why not bring that IC and roleplay as the Joker. Both EMS, Police and Admins, have complimented the character as I have not taken the sociopathic serial-killer side of it into play. I just want to ask here because today a police officer IC was calling it cringe and bringing up the fact that its an OOC character while we were IC. This made it very hard for me to respond IC so i just tried to laugh it off i guess. I guess what I'm asking is for permission to use the Joker as a valid character? He's not a Real-Life Celebrity after all.


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