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Multiple suggestions including PD/SD vs crims

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Hi there, I want to start off by thanking the Devs for implementing the 240 speed cap. Its made the Crim vs Crim pursuits a lot more balanced which I've witnessed in the recent war. A regular person is now able to buy a slamvan custom and achieve the same speed as a comet retro, the slamvan doesn't require the best PC to achieve the 240 so in terms of balancing I really love it.


I've experieced both the criminal and LEO lifestyle and the pursuits are one of the things I love the most, The new robbery rules are turning me away from RP'ing a cop as there is barely anything do to anymore but 10-55s Its more realistic this way but we're all here to have fun. 


There is another issue at hand, Its called the Crown Victoria, I want to suggest a speed cap at 210 Km/h. The personal vehicles that hit 240 usually drive 200 or 210 and at certain spots 240. So you're unable to escape a shitty crown victoria with a comet retro, rapid GT, 811 and slamvan. making the Air support division kind of useless as they are able to keep up with the crown vics. Personally I get the crown vic up to 223 in a straight with a medium spec PC but some cops with big gaming rigs get them up to 235 which is not balanced


The  VIP feature that gives you a double fuel tank ruins pursuits for both crims and cops, If you have a VIP X-ray its just pay to win as a cop. I'd suggest the VIP feature to not work in the Polmav or Buzzard.


Another issue I've seen lately is the abuse of the Felony Public endangerment charge. I've seen cops go like: "Oh he drove on the sidewalk for a second back there" to give you an extra Hour of being condemned to the worst possible place to RP (DOC). There have been stamp suggestions made but it looked like they've been ignored. Being able to play poker at DOC might liven up the place instead of constant riots and fistfights because some guy called you the N word. I've seen that there were plans on making the RP better at DOC but I've yet to see it happen. I'm barely ever in there but when I go there aren't even guards around. I miss my first ever DOC experience back when Mark Sullivan was still warden , he used to run DOC like a military camp and there was a lot of corruption. I remember talking shit to a DOC guard and getting placed into a shower with 4 guards around forced to pick up the soap or I'd get beaten up, miss the good times.


Another thing I don't like is seeing SD and PD use personal vehicles, They shouldn't be using drags at all. Just buff the police bikes and let the lower ranked PD and SD members have some fun, making the Traffic Enforcment Division not useless anymore. The police bike has worse accelleration compared to all the other police vehicles and tops at 187. 


PD and SD have access to heavy weapons but it doesn't seem realistic for them to have it out 24/7. even getting their heavy weapons out for warrener pursuits. There is a policy about it only being able to be used in cerain situations but its not being enforced ICly 


Jail times and fines are ridiculous right now and its only promoting win-RP instead of making the RP good. It's forcing crims to use vehicles like drags so that they can lose the police easely. I've seen hostage RPs that were really fun but they ended up with over 8hours of prison time, Doesn't seem right to fuck someone over because you had a fun RP experience with them. We need to start Rewarding good RP, not punishing. I see that alot of people enjoy placing as many charges due to OOC grudges.

I'd suggest a CAP of 2hours or 2charges PER situation. So you'd still be able to go to jail for over 2hours but not for the same situation. And I don't want to hear , you've done the crime now do the time from people that have never tried the criminal lifestyle for a minimum of 2 months.


Thank you for reading my suggestion, I'd love to hear your opinions in a respectfull and civil manner

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