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Hey everyone,

my name's Rykarch, and I've recently joined the ECRP Community, aswell as GTA V (Yes, I know I'm late). I started roleplaying around 2012 and until now (with major breaks, of course) I was playing on one of the most known hardcore RP servers in SA:MP, where I mostly played in several characters, following a outlaw biker role, aswell as....... RP'ing as myself *huehuehue*   

Being Portuguese, Roleplaying has really helped me throughout the years to develop my English skills and to get them in shape day by day. It has also allowed me to see things from many different perspectives. Some may consider being in a desk roleplaying can be useless or a waste of time, but it really depends with what you do with the information you're given in-game. Nothing is a time waster if used properly. 

Either way, enough philosophy. I'm looking to focus on ECP and I plan to build a stable reputation amongst members in the community, and being a part-time streamer (nothing serious), I plan to catch some of you dirty fools breaking the rules so the server will actually be able to grow and remain centered around the RP scene.

I leave you with an old clip on one of the biggest MC's to date, who's President was an actual 1%er Enforcer. This was about to become the first and last war of the White Knights. 

Hope to meet you in-game anytime soon!



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