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Crates disappeared by pressing P in car, cant pick it back up, UI doest show

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Date and time (provide timezone): 20/5/2020 around 8:05am CEST

Character name: Lorenzo Ferrara

Issue/bug you are reporting: Crate dissappeared when i pressed P in the car cant pick it up

Expected behavior:  Crates shows up on ground under car and is pickupable 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate
Get in car while carrying crate, drop crate using P. Crate doesnt show on ground, if in vehicle and you press P it says error:cant do that in vehicle. If you try to pick it up on foot using P, no error shows, the crate isnt picked up, it acts like youre pressing the phone button over and over again. Reported to Thunderboss in game and he could confirm the UI and crate werent showing and the error in the vehicle was showing at the spot where i dropped the crate(on the left  most parking spot across from Central Hospital)

Vehicle license plate number*: Warrener DJU7JH4S

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