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Raylee Buchanan | Stories and my life so far

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Raylee Buchanan - The stories of my life so far - Is it me that causes people to leave?


Theme Song:


Before Los Santos - Homeless, struggle, Army

- Homeless, Army -


I grew up a poor southern and midwestern boy, where Ramen Noodles, Vienna Sausage, Spam, and Potted Meat were a regular household food.  Due to my dad being in the military and both him and my mother being indecisive about where we should live, I attended 4 different schools in 4 different states, Hawaii, Texas, Illinois, and Nebraska, all before the 4th grade.  Making friends was always easy for me, but every year I had to make a new group of friends.  We landed in the middle of America and finally stayed in one place.  Going into my senior year, the company my dad worked for was bought out, and his branch shut down.  So, they wanted to up and move our family back to Texas, which left me with a decision.


At 17 I was faced with a decision, move away from the one place I’ve built relationships up in or become homeless and finish High School on my own?  I chose the latter and began life on my own.  It was not easy on my own, and I had to change high schools in order to graduate on time, which left no time for a social life.  Between school, night school, and working full time to survive, there was no time for anything else.  So, I did what any person in my situation would do, I joined the Army.  It was always the plan, but the funny thing about plans, sometimes there’s no option in them.  I served proudly for six years, and had one combat tour for twelve months in Iraq.  The Army was the first place that I had experienced real brotherhood and camaraderie, something that I’ve been searching for ever since.  I transitioned out of the Army and for the first time in six years, I had no idea what to do with myself.  My friend from high school, Burt, told me to move out to Los Santos, where he now lived.  So, I packed a single bag and left.  


Early days of Los Santos 


 - First Day - Meet Marcus, get Burt arrested, meet Logan - 


After a week of traveling across the country, I had arrived in Los Santos, meeting Burt at a gas station near the Police Department (PD).  What a first 2 hours in the city.  Burt came running up to me, and he ran out of gas two blocks from the Gas Station.  Calling Logan Brasko to come help him out, little did I know that we weren’t in the safest part of the city.  We were approached by some random guys to buy guns, and unbeknownst to me, Burt had already been carrying a .50 caliber pistol with him, illegally.  For whatever reason, the Police showed up and began harassing us (they were looking for the two guys that approached us).  Being the newly separated military man that I was, I began giving push back to the cops and arguing about our constitutional rights and what they were doing is illegal.  Due to my behavior, back up was called, and Burt was tased.  I lost my cool and almost fought the cops myself, until Marcus Levonne showed up.  He found out that I was an Army Veteran, and we instantly became friends as he was an Army Veteran himself.  While I was handcuffed, Marcus and I talked out the situation and I was released and Burt...well, he was arrested for possessing an illegal firearm and a stolen car.


 - First Week - Aid Skeetle in escaping the cops, take his gun - 


The first week did not slow down for me, as I ran into a man named Skeetle Jackson at a clothing store.  He was running from the cops, with his haggard gait of a run, he sprinted to me.  Out of breath, and struggling to get words out, he asked me to take a gun off of him and run away.  I asked, “Why, what is going on.”  He replied, “No time, I’ll meet back up with you, I’m Skeetle Jackson, you can’t miss me.”  He proceeded to throw the gun at my feet and take off.  Bewildered by this, I pocketed the firearm and in less than 30 seconds the Police came running up to me, looking for an “overweight, white male, with a limping run.”  No doubt, they meant this Skeetle Jackson fellow.  I lied and told them he ran up to me speaking gibberish, and ran the opposite way that he actually did. 


 - Penny Banner and Noah, misunderstanding, slapped with charges unbeknownst to him -


Lost in the grind of the grind of the city, enduring multiple robberies, and even shot once for seemingly no reason.  I decided to head to PD to talk to Marcus.  We talked for an hour or so about continuing my civic duty for this country here in Los Santos as a part of PD.  We went over the process, and the requirements that PD demand.  All sounded fair and I knew I was capable.  I began to hang around PD meeting officers and like minded people.  Although, not everything would be so peaceful it seems.  I met a Cadet named Penny Banner and her friend Noah Shriver.  They were talking about people in the city and seemingly flirting back and forth.  We all got talking about the city and they helped me out with my questions.  We talked and laughed and left with a harmless joke that the wedding for Penny and I would be next month.  Assuming that life here was similar to the Army, in the manner that ridiculous stuff is commonly said and people laugh.  Well, she apparently didn’t find it as hilarious as I did.  One day Burt and I are doing some questionable activities, and he sees Penny Banner at Los Santos Customs (LSC) and asks, “When is the wedding?”  She lost it, and to exacerbate the issue, I pulled up to LSC shortly after and told her, “Osborn will be attending.”  Laughing like a couple of idiots, Burt and I returned to the grind.


- One Day


- Harassed by cops at Bank, Raylee loses it fights the cops, gets shot, jailed, and punished by the very gods themselves!  Jailed for months in county and prison -



The situation with Penny was volatile after that, and I was completely unaware.  One day I was relaxing on top of my car at the Bank waiting to meet up with others, and a cop pulls up and starts harassing me.  This was an all too common occurrence for me lately, and I lost it.  A Cadet began to harass me, demanding I get off of the car.  Well, today was not my day, I lost it.  The Cadet and I began to get a heated verbal exchange, which prompted many citizens to pull their phones out and record the gross misuse of power being exhibited.  Before I knew it, I was surrounded by police on all sides and began to resist arrest, and walked away.  This led to me being tased, but with my adrenaline pumping I refused to go down easy and got physical.  It wasn’t until Marcus showed up, that the situation was diffused.  It turned out that the Cadet was correct in arresting me, I had a warrant out for my arrest, for “aggravated stalking,” of Penny Banner, all from a joke.  I spent the next month in prison, serving my ridiculous sentence, and was even struck down by the mighty Zeus himself!  The days have not been kind.


- PD Aspirations shot, rough patch, an act of kindness - 


Due to my imprisonment, I was now barred from joining PD.  PD had abandoned me, something not unfamiliar in my life. With the deflation of continuing my civic duty to my country, I was lost and began to slip into more into illegal activities, and because of that began getting robbed a lot more.  It began to get out of control, I was robbed while doing questionable activity, which was annoying, but part of the risk.  It was when I was getting robbed nonstop in the city by the various gangs, herds of transient people, being run over, spit on, and treated like human debris, that’s when I hit an all time low.  Do I just give it up and move back home, back to the factory and simple life of the midwest or south?  When I was at the end of my rope, my car was stolen (again) and I was running back to the Los Santos Bank to withdraw all my money (thinking 25k was a lot at the time) and give it to someone in need.  As I ran a car passed me, and stopped.  Thinking I was about to be robbed yet again, I ran as fast as I could to avoid the trouble.  However, this person did not get out of the car, instead she pulled forward and offered me a ride to wherever I was running to.  *Kindness?* I thought to myself, here in Los Santos?  With nothing else to lose, I accepted and this person asked me what I was running from or to and it began the conversation that kept me in the city.  Her name was Jasmine Gray, and she had experienced very similar situations to myself and encouraged me to not be like the others and endure, because the city can only beat you if you allow i


- Natasha  and her Disappearance -



With my new vigor and optimism about the city, I began to get a little money, meet some actual cool people, and get to know some of the factions.  I met up with Skeetle Jackson, returned his gun, and met much of The Wanted.  Times were changing for ol’ Raylee and one night, I was driving down the highway, I saw someone running, just as I was that night.  I didn’t want to be like everyone else, I thought of Jasmine Gray, and the kindness she showed towards me.  So, I stopped and offered her a ride.  She was new to the city and was completely lost.  I spent the next week teaching her everything I had learned from my time living in Los Santos.  Taught her where to get a firearm, how to get her first car, how not to drive like a maniac, and introduced her to people I knew.  Before I knew it, we were a team, doing everything together.  She was my Jenny, and I her Forrest chasing each other around the city and trying not to get arrested.  This too was not meant to last. One day, Natasha was running guns for people and the next she had disappeared. I waited and attempted to contact her, but I never heard back.  Another person that came into my life, only to leave again.  


- WantedVille, where it all started to come together.


- Niki, Nova, Dakota, Levi-


On my own again, what a cruel mistress life can be.  I began wandering listlessly, spending too many hours at the Los Santos Bank listening to idiots argue and posture.  I do not remember how I ran into Niki and Nova, but found out they were from where I was from!  That first night, Burt and I were on top of Chilead Mountain with the two of them, trying to grind some money to eventually get an apartment.  The Zeta’s showed up, and Burt and I refused to comply with their bullish tactics, and were shot.  All of a sudden, my world was spinning and went dark, and when I woke up, I was at the Central Hospital, with all my belongings missing.  I stumbled outside, and Burt was there too.  Both of us were utterly confused and having no idea what happened, but our GPS showed that both of our cars were on top of a mountain!  So, we do what any broke person does when our car is across the city, we got a Postal truck and hauled our happy asses up that mountain.  We were confronted by Zeta’s, frisked by a patrol, released and told to get out of the area.  We sat there pondering what to do now, how can we get our cars back with the Zetas everywhere?  We came up with a plan, set the Postal truck in motion so they could see it moving down the mountain, and we bailed, ghost riding the truck out of view.  We then snuck to the back of the complex on top of Chilead Mountain, and jumped the fence and got to our cars hidden in the back.  In synchronous fashion, we started our cars, and the Zetas were on top of us instantly with guns drawn as we began to move forward.  I looked at Burt and he just yelled, “GOOOO!”  So, we gunned our muscle cars through the Zetas and their blockade of the front gate.  It was the most exciting get away, like the Dukes of Hazard.  It was Niki and Nova who got me out of the funk, they knew EVERYONE, I can’t even count how many people I met because of them.  We had some fun times, made a little money, and became a hide-n-seek champion!  Niki could never find me, and if she tells you otherwise, just know she’s a filthy liar!  They introduced me to Dakota and Levi, the seeming Kingpins of the drug scene.  They were always making money off the drug trade and gave me a fair share when I helped.  Because of Niki, Nova, Dakota, and Levi, I began to go to parties, meeting new people, making connections, and dancing like a midwestern idiot boy.  You wanna see no rhythm, then look no further!  Or talk about World War 2 with a dude, while half naked women are dancing in front of me. 



 - Good Times !


The Rooks Saga 


- Joining The Rooks -


Alas, Burt got a job at LSC and our times of running around together stopped abruptly.  I understood his desire to be legit and stop running from cops all the time.  However, this left me without my boy!  As well as Niki and Nova had joined the Triads, I was practically on my own again. Shortly after joining LSC, my long time friend Burt moved away from Los Santos. With everyone on their own adventures or leaving the city, it left me seeking camaraderie and belonging that I had missed since I separated from the Army. I began to entertain the idea of joining one of Los Santos various gangs.  I knew I would never be a Zeta, I could not align my morals with their ruthless tactics.  Fate as it seems intervenes at the perfect time.  I met a man named Al Romano and some folks wearing all black with planting some of the finest green flowers I’ve ever seen.  They did not rob me, but allowed me to continue, as long as I gave them a cut of whatever I harvested.  We agreed to a 50/50 split of what I harvest from the time they arrived to when I left.  As I was leaving, Al approached me, and asked me if I would be interested in joining the Rooks.  At the time, I told him that I have had some very negative experiences with the factions of Los Santos, but I would think about it.  Later that week, I ran into Al and he asked me to help with [Redacted] and I joined The Rooks that day.  


I had never felt a sense of family and camaraderie since moving to Los Santos, until I joined The Rooks.  Running with a crew felt so natural to me, and I really got the sense that even though I was new, these men and women would have my back at all times.  I learned much about family from them, and had a lot of fun times.  Whether we were robbing 7/11, hanging on the beach, or cooking drugs, I was always having a great time.  Even with Rose yelling at me about even rows of “flowers” or Johnny telling me to get away and let him organize the ingredients, I had finally found the camaraderie that had been missing since leaving the Army.  I loved every minute of it.  This too was not meant to last for Raylee. 

- Leaving the Rooks -


A couple months after being accepted into The Rooks, Al Romano stepped down from leading them, and Dmitiri assumed the mantle of leadership.  In the wake of separating completely from the Irish Mafia, Dmitiri’s vision was to become an official faction among the city of Los Santos.  With this goal, Dmitiri called on everyone’s record and purged members that had egregious infractions or any dispute among the Gods themselves.  Due to this, Dmitiri asked me to leave The Rooks, and after gaining official status, I could revisit the idea of becoming a Rook again.  And so again, the people in my life have gone.  


Spidey - The Haphazard Adventures of “Spiderman”


- Spidey - 


In the wake of being asked to leave The Rooks, I was lost.  All my friends were members of other gangs, and had no time for anything other than affiliated business.  This is about the time I met the ardent defender of Los Santos, “Dick Drippin Spiderman,” or “Spidey”, for short. A loner, pill addicted madman.  Albeit a loyal, loner, pill addicted,  mad man.  I can not remember the exact instance of Spidey and I’s first encounter, but I’m sure he was about to get his ass kicked by multiple people and I tried to help him.  Only to see him get punched while trying to “web people up.”  Spidey wasn’t exactly well liked by many people in the city, his eccentric behavior could be off putting to many.  However, he always had my back without question and sometimes without asking.  I legitimately can not count how many times someone was getting aggressive with me, just to have Spidey start beating the shit out of them with a golf club, and proceed to “web them up.”  Dick Drippin Spiderman was what he called himself, ask him what that means, should you see the elusive Dick Drippin Spiderman in the city.  Spidey and I were everywhere for months until something unknown happened, Spidey had just disappeared.  Had someone snatched him up and now held him hostage?  Had he met his early demise while cracked out on pills “fighting crime?”  Did he get abducted by aliens?     



- Spidey always having my back.  Post house robbery, we discuss next actions


 - Spidey always protecting the city, or more likely trying to find pills.



- Spidey, some loved him, some hated him


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Raylee Buchanan | Stories and my life so far Pt 2


Haley and the beginning of an everlasting friendship


- Hayley - 


Hayley and I met because of Dakota and Levi.  Dakota and Levi had a wedding that I was unable to attend, but able to make the after party.  There was a pool party after it, and I took Spidey with me to the party.  Well, lets just say that there were some people that were not fans of Spidey, and were threatening to shoot him.  However, Spidey was indeed being obnoxious, with a recent boost of pills in his system, he was going non-stop.  When the tensions grew to the point that I felt Spidey was in legitimate danger, I pulled him aside and he asked me to just take him back to the hideout so he could pass out.  After I got Spidey out of harm's way, I went back to the party to drink and have a good time.  That’s when I met Hayley in the hottub crammed with people.  We hit it off laughing at Spidey and dancing with Dakota and Levi.  Eventually, everyone was drunk and taking some sort of rideshare back home, be it cab, friends/family, or trusting in their infinite experience of drunk driving.  Hayley and I however weren’t too buzzed and were not ready to quit! So, we got in the Green Machine (my Rumpo Custom) and drove to the top of Mt Chilead.   I spent the night learning all about racing.  The cars, the people, the tracks, the music, it all sounded so fun.  More importantly, the way Hayley spoke about it, it sounded like the crew had formed a bond through this shared experience of street racing. *Could this be what I’m supposed to do?* I thought to myself.   





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Raylee Buchanan | Stories and my life so far Pt 3


Coma - Uh, what happened?


- The Night of No Return -


The following night, I returned to Chilead to ponder what has all transpired. Since I came to this city, I have had some amazing times, some accompanied by pain, some by laughter.  However, a recurring theme has crept itself into my life in Los Santos, everyone that comes into my life leaves.  Various reasoning behind it all, but the outcome is the same.  Raylee has to learn to live again.  As I sat there on the edge of the world, the chill wind biting at my face, I began to get misty eyed thinking about all the people that have come and gone.  Burt, my long time friend moved away from the city, frustrated by the criminal activity.  Spidey, that madman, I’m sure he’s lurking somewhere in that RV of his. Natasha, oh Natasha wherever she was, I hoped she was happy.  The Rooks, the pain of loss still fresh in my mind.  Regardless, I know Dmitri was making the best decisions for the organization, I could harbor no grudge.  I missed it though, more than I realized.  It was cold on the side of that mountain, and a chill went up and down my spine.  *What do I do now?* I said aloud, hearing only the howling wind in response. The same thing I always do. The same thing the Army trained me to do. I keep moving forward.  Smiling at the thought of the future, I placed my hands next to my hips sitting on the edge and hoisted myself up.  Planting my feet firmly on the rock and dirt, turning toward my van.  I felt a gust of wind, the ground give out beneath my feet and the wind racing by me on all sides.  Realizing what had happened, and thought, “so be it,” and smiled as I free fell towards the ground.    


Return - Wanderer, loneliness


- The great awakening, moving forward in a new city -


Confusion.  I..am..alive?  Where..am..I?  I have been asleep for a year? It was such a strange feeling, the feeling of being alive.  Feeling my chest rise and fall.  As I begin to open my eyes, all I can see is a white room, medical machines meant to keep me alive, and hear a steady beep of a heart monitor.  I begin to take some of the equipment off, setting off alarms, prompting a nurse to run in.  Shocked to see me sitting up removing cables, patches, and my IV, she squealed.  The feeling of happiness drawn all over her face, shortly followed by multiple people rushing into the room with elation on their faces and in their words.  The following week was spent renourishing,  physical therapy for my atrophied body, and recovery.


Once discharged from the hospital, I called a cab to take me to the bank to get an understanding of my assets.  The city was the same, but different.  It seemed to be more populated, so many people running the streets, at the bank, and driving around.  I felt strange standing in front of the bank, I did not recognize anyone.  This pleased me in a way, moving forward was the only thought in my mind.  So, I donned my mask, checked on my assets, and sent some texts to Niki and Hayley.  So much has changed, and I was brought up to speed about them all.  Spidey had been spotted from time to time, it was good knowing he wasn’t dead.  Natasha, did you ever come back?  Dakota and Levi haven’t been seen in a year. Niki is now at LCS and Nova at MD. It made me happy to know people are doing well. I learned of The Rooks demise.  I was shocked and in disbelief, The Rooks….they are all dead?


Everything feels different now.  No one is hanging around the Los Zantos store.  I haven’t seen many Triads or Zeta’s around.  The ugly burnt orange of The Wanted was nowhere to be seen.    Multiple factions have risen up, and crushed in my absence.  However, the city feels more calm and almost peaceful.  I felt like a relic of a lost age, everything I knew was gone.  I felt like a glitch in the matrix, a remnant, a ghost...



- So, I start over again




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Raylee Buchanan | Stories and my life so far Pt 4

Natasha - Fate

- Reunited -


As it turns out, the hand of fate was still hovering over me during my reintroduction to the city.  I parked my car at the bank to receive my salary and as I ran by someone yelled, “Rayleeee!”  I froze in my tracks.  *I know that voice.* I thought to myself.  I turned around and standing to the right of the double doors was Natasha, with her teal highlight raven hair. She has just returned to the city, back for all of 30 minutes or less and we were reunited! We immediately hugged and got our salary, jumped in my car and went driving.  Just like that first night we had met, driving up the highway.  We reminisced on that night, and the things we used to do together, caught up on what eachother had been up to and our plans moving forward.  *Ever moving forward.  I wonder if I’ll ever stop?* I thought for a second, but pushed it out, right now was about Natasha.  We agreed to meet again the next day and plan on the next step forward.


We decided that we need to get some money up, by any means necessary.  So, we bought an RV to haul lumber, ore, and fish until we decide what we want to do.  We have been like peas and carrots, stacking money and assisting each other in buying the cars we want and working towards getting a 2 garage apartment to store them.  We’ve grown closer than we ever have, even confessing that we have feelings for eachother.  However, taking it day by day is what we agreed to, right now our company and friendship is the most important thing.

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Raylee Buchanan | Stories and my life so far Pt 5

Racing Aspirations - Hayley

- Elegy -

With Natasha back and a plan in place, our goal is to find people to run with.  Lucky for me I know one of the most badass bitches in the city, Hayley Swan.  We go way back, meeting up with her and Blue again, I got all the details of racing and what I would need.  From that meeting at the [redacted]. Natasha and I went and sold our Exemplars at the car lots and started grinding freelance jobs.  By pooling our money together and utilizing time differences to maximize the use of the RV we were both able to buy Elegys.  Hayley has been showing me the ropes of race theory and introducing me to new people.  It’s going to be a crash course, literally, but this is going to be great.  



- So, you wanna race, huh?




- Racing isn't just driving fast, it's an art




- Don't worry, you will get the hang of it, in time




- Oh brother, you're never going to get it




Future - 

- Moving Forward-


Where the future goes, I do not know, but I know as long as I have good friends around me and Glitch (my elegy) I know things will be alright.



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