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MD and PD calls both show as blue

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Date and time (provide timezone): 20/MAY/2020 (5:55 UTC)

Character name: Matthew Layton

Issue/bug you are reporting: PD/SD and MD calls both show as blue within the /call list.

Expected behavior:   The call brackets all show as blue when doing /calls.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate

You need to be in MD and PD/SD faction. Once you are in both you need to do /calls in which you can see both MD and SD calls due to you being in both factions.

This makes it very hard to differentiate calls between MD and SD as a person that is in both factions. Since MD does not have a MDC, we can not tell which call is which as the whole call list is blue. There could be a MD call that does not provide any notes that would indicate it being a MD call, and I don't realize that, so I will completely skip over the call. There are multiple people within the faction that have the same issue as me. 

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