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BrainDed's Useful Scripts

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BrainDed's Useful Scripts


  • Note drawing script - Link
    • It allows you to take a black a white picture, and it will transform draw it onto the Note for you
  • Mod Launcher
    • It allows you to use client-side mods on the latest RAGE MP 1.1 Launcher
    • Link to download
      • Move the any mods that you want to use inside the Mods folder
      • Start ModLauncher.exe or ModLauncher.ahk
      • Select RAGE Folder if this is your first time using it
      • Check the mods you want to use and select the server, then click on start game
      • It will automatically start RAGE MP, select the server you picked in the previous list, then wait for the game to load
      • Enjoy the mods 🙂
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