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Rucks & Masters Legal representatives597912fd8a042_rtucksandmasters.thumb.jpg.d123ee406e14a6d109ea17ef2a914d40.jpg

Welcome to Rucks & Masters, we are a private and independent Law firm working straight out of the heart of

Los Santos! We every case is our specialty, this means that whoever you are irrespective of your 'allegations' we will represent you. Our Executive Attorneys have already represented cases with great results! We are here for the people.

Rucks and Masters prides itself in being the best of the best so you can expect 1st class service from all of our employs whether it be from our senior accountants or our junior consultants, rely on Rucks and Masters for all your legal needs and requirements, just talk to us and we will handle the rest remember Rucks & Masters is the gold standard of legal consulting 



Contact Executive Attorney Ben Rucks - 3477376


Contact Executive Attorney Damian Masters - 3748250

Or Alternatively visit our page for sound legal advice today https://discord.gg/YNWe9Wt


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