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Currently every criminal goes to normal jail at PD and thats kinda boring, you need to wait like 60min doing nothing.
It would be nice if actual prison would be implemented for bigger criminals, by that i mean if you get more 15min of jail you would go to actual prison and you could have an option to escape. Waiting 60 min seems a bit too much when you just stand at one place doing nothing but when you have open place that you could try to escape that would be better.
To make it more difficult to escape, prison could have some guards that would protect it.
When you get in prison your clothes automatically change to prisoners if you manage to escape jail you need to wait like 30min or something like that until it changes back to your normal but while you out your name should be at wanted list and police should be looking for you. 
If you fail to escape that player should get like +5min of jail.

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