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Recording IC footage.

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My suggestion is  for rule about using footage that you recorded ICly (rp that u have go pro or smthing like that) 

If you get wounded and killed by someone, can you still use that footage to report  to cops or if the cop killed you, use the footage to report corruption?

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You're meant to use the new command /record In-Game (which pulls your phone up). If you have typed /record, then any SSs or video footage will be taken In Character. 

If you get injured and then killed, per NLR, you are not meant to take any hostile actions against that person. By reporting them, it would be a violation of NLR. However, if you survive the injury (as in, gets taken to the hospital), then you're not in violation of NLR if you report that person.

However, PD doesn't allow violent corruption on an OOC level; mainly because 1) If it's allowed, it'll be too common. 2) We are here to provide the community with good RP. 3) Again, we want to be fair towards the community. There are no consequences to a cop dying, they get their guns for free and their cars for free, whereas if you die, you actually lose wealth. That's why we don't allow cops to be corrupt on a major scale, i.e. execute people on the ground (although, if they execute you for no reason, you can post a regular server report against them as that'd be RDM).

If you feel that you've been the victim of violent OOC corruption, you can always contact PD's Internal Affairs. Bear in mind that this is a PD rule, and not a server rule. It's to make sure that we keep high standards on our officers. 

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