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Frank Davis (DutchRobin)

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(( its my roleplay introduction ))

Hello Guys,

Im Frank Davis. im 25 years old and move to America. The beloved country.. at least they said back in Czech Republic.
I had a good but hard life back there. I lived with my mom in a small flat. My dad died 10 years ago...

My dad was the best we had. It was a hard working trucker. Everyone knows who he is i Czech. it was the best and the fast trucker ever.
Well that last thing wasn't really positive. We had too much speeding fines. and its the reason he died. One day he didnt saw a corner coming. So my speeding daddy did go straight.
Not a big problem if it wasn't on a mountain... ugh.. i cant really talk about it. if you want to know more about it hit me up.

So i was 20 and finally i had my truckers license. So i did much applications for every company back in Czech. They all rejected me because they we're scared. Scared that i was like my dad. Always speeding and not very safe on the roads. Yes im speeding sometimes but im safe on the roads. So one of my friends said dude... just go to America. everyone can get a job over there. Its the country of freedom. So i saved money and when i became 25 on my birthday i had enough. enough to survive about 5 months without a job.

So i came to Los Santos. and at my second day i already had a job as a trucker.. Yes i was living my american dream. 
But on the third day i started living my american nightmare... As 2 guys on a bike drove next to me and they wanted to rob me. The only thing i could think about was speed up..
So they started shooting on my tires. Luckily i won because they accidentally crashed on my trailer.

So i made a new dream. Creating one safe truckers union. If the gangs and police dont safe us.. we will safe our selves. I mean we're  the strongest on the road. 
So Los Santos better be prepared. So from now on Big G Goods union is started. Yes its the company name i'm trucking for.

Sincerely Frank Davis

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