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lack of server information and guides

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It seems the forum/rulebook is not up to date with 2020 changes. F5 and server information are missing some elements or are extremely vague. For example, there is absolutly no tutorial on the taco truck on the forum or in game help menu. Critical information needs guideline information such as robbing other players. "Use rp as much as possible using these commands" to me isn't a  good enough explanation. I think a few examples should help new players prepare themselves. Furthermore i see alot of rulebook quotes in player reports that do not exist in the current rule. For example "7.5.5 player cannot rob scam or steal from someone less than 1000xp" I did extensive searches on the forum to find this rule and even googled it in quotations and nothing has popped up. This is a few of many issues i have with the forums information and guidelines. Yes i am aware alot of in game content must be discovered by IC means. The current rule book edition is 2019, is it possible the less than 1000xp rule is not deleted? Can someone link me to this rulebook everyone's quoting? And can we get some updates on the forum/in game help menu? A little more detailed examples for certain things couldnt hurt either . i was almost reported for delayed rp because I wasnt informed how to handle a certain situation before hand. Not sure if thats a reportable offense though.

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