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Dragon from the East | Michael Su

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Michael "Sleepy"Su
<Cool Art Here>

Name: Michael Su
Ethnicity: Afro-American/ Han Chinese

Alias(es): Sleepy, Mike

Date of Birth: 15 November
Age: 27
Place of Birth: Hong Kong

Life so Far

Michael came to Los Santos after his mother passed away in Hong Kong China in February. He used the rest of his money to get a plane ticket to Los Angeles and then a Greyhound Bus into the State of Los Santos. Arriving he was penniless, and lost beyond help. Michael soon took advantage of the social welfare system Los Santos provided it's citizens, a thing he had no concept of before hand. He attained his Driver's License from the Department of Motor Vehicles and soon found that the world opened up to him. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Los Santos


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