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Ludovic Wolfszoon

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((All of this information is OOC, please don't MG))

First and last name: Ludovic Wolfszoon
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 28/02/1997

Place of birth: Brugge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Current residence: His car

Height and weight: 5'7", 80kg

Known languages: Flemish, Dutch, French and English

Education: Professional Bachelor in Applied Psychology, received at HoWest, Brugge

Likes: Loyalty, respect, family, principled people
Dislikes: Immoral men, debauchery, globalization 



Ludovic was born in a rural part of Brugge. He was always regarded as a bright child from the moment he could speak. He practised multiple sports, got good grades at school and was part of a youth organization (Scouts). The first real obstacle Ludovic had to face in his life was when he was 8 years of age and his mother cheated on his father, his mother left them, leaving his father a single parent. From that day on Ludovic started to develop a hatred towards people who are unfaithful and/or disloyal. But his life went on as usual, after a while Ludovic got used to his mother not being there, growing more and more independent as he had to take care of himself and his slightly younger brother, since his father was working all the time to provide food and shelter for them.


When Ludovic turned 18, he graduated high school and decided to study Applied Psychology in the college of Brugge, this is where he found a new family. Through his studies he came into contact with people who are part of a Flemish nationalist movement, named "Schild en Vriend" (Shield and Friend). Throughout his college years he attended all the gatherings of this group and participated in their charity events, rallies, trainings, and so on... He had finally found a place to call home, and with that a family he can trust.


3 Years went by and Ludovic completed his studies, obtaining a Professional Bachelor degree in Applied Psychology, he was planning to continue his studies and obtain a Master's degree but fate did not allow it. The leaders of "Schild en Vriend", together with a French nationalist group, decided it was time for a revolution. They had planned multiple raids on Communist conventions throughout Flanders and France. And they asked Ludovic to participate in these raids. Of course, Ludovic accepted this request, being a true Flemish man and thinking that fighting for his homeland was the greatest honour he could receive.


The day of the raids came, Ludovic was ordered to lead a raid in his hometown, Brugge. Leading a group of 9  Flemish men and women, armed with an FN Five-Seven and an FN P90 he started the raid on the hour that was given to him. His group attacked the communists from 3 different positions, the fight was over quickly as they did not expect the attack. Ludovic himself killed multiple men, but only those who would resist and tried to fight him. The unarmed were cuffed and remained unharmed. Ludovic rejoiced in his victory and could not wait to report to his superiors.

And report to his superiors he did. Unfortunately he did not receive an answer when he tried to radio them, instead he received a separate attack from an unknown group. They came out of nowhere outnumbering Ludovic's raid party 2 to 1. He tried to make his men retreat, but it was too late. Most of them were slaughtered, only Ludovic and 1 of his friends managed to survive and escape.


Laying low in his firend's appartment, Ludovic saw his superiors  again. He saw them on the news, being dragged into prison. Someone had betrayed them, but he did not know who. The only thing he knew was that he had to leave his homeland, otherwise he would end up in prison as well. With a lot of pain in his heart he snuck unto a boat headed for Los Santos, planning to return to his homeland some day. But for now, he had to regain his composure, become a man worth dealing with. In order to return with more might than before and help his old family get out of their troubles and reclaim their position.


First month in Los Santos

Ludovic started his days in Los Santos by doing odd jobs, mostly trucking and fishing. After a while Ludovic decided it's time to do something else, mean something more. He decided a good place to start was the DOC, as they were recruiting. He applied for the job, went to the interview and got accepted into the academy. At the same time he had another opportunity, he was contacted by a woman who managed a counselling office, and she offered Ludovic a job as a freelance counsellor. 





After a while, the trucking and fishing started to bore Ludovic, and he wasn't meeting any people in the process either. He started looking for opportunities elsewhere, and he came upon a recruitment ad for the DOC. He quickly applied as he thought this would be a suitable job for himself. And shortly after he got accepted as a trainee. He learned everything there is to know about the DOC through the handbook and his fellow officers. He was quickly introduced to several events that occur regularly at the DOC, such as hostage situations, riots and breakouts. He put in a lot of time and quickly got promoted to the rank of CO II. 

However, he did not feel like he was completely living up to his potential and decided to apply for C.E.R.T and C.M.T, hoping he could be of more worth to the DOC and the community in general.

((To be continued))

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