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Dead Fred

How Do I Start From Nothing and Play

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Hello, Im a compete noob and would like to play GTAV in a role pay room and not get shot from strangers like PS3.

I have a steam account and would liek to download a copy from there.
Then do I download the "Launcher" or "Server" from here https://gt-mp.net/download/

Then do I have to move any files? Do I have to download the launcher or server to a certain folder? Is this explained as I download?

Then do I just load GTAV on my computer and play multiplayer and im in a role play room?


Thanks totally lost on my way around here.

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You download the launcher and install it somewhere on the disk, just not in the same folder as GTA V ins installed. You launch the launcher, click the "LAUNCH" button and the multiplayer will load. After you join you go server browser and find the eclipse-rp I suggest you bookmark it 

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