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Jevons & Winston, PLLC.


A Professional Service Corporation”

Phone: 542.4707 or Email: [email protected] ((forum PM))

Mission Statement

At Jevons & Winston, you can rest assured knowing your legal problems are being solved by one of our highly capable and distinguished attorneys.  Our small but experienced firm offers only the highest caliber legal solutions and business consultation.  Los Santos has a rich and thriving business community that deserves only the best and most professional representation.  With our firm, you will know from the first hand-shake that we represent our clients faithfully, ethically, and like family.


Areas of Expertise

§  Business Consultation

§  Political Campaign Management and Strategy

§ Entertainment and Entertainer Representation

§  Tax Advice and Tax Compliance

§  Paperwork and Bureaucratic Undertakings (Permitting, licensing, registration, etc.)

§  Criminal Defense

§  Negotiations (Private and Government)

§  Arbitration and Mediation Representation Services

§  Contract Drafting

§  Notary Services

§  Employment Disputes

§  Landlord/Tenant Disputes

§  Medical Malpractice

§  Insurance Disputes

§  Personal Injury


Our Attorneys

Jacobi Jevons (JD, MBA, LLM) - CEO & President, Principal Partner and Shareholder

Phone: 542.4707 or Email: [email protected] ((forum PM))

Jacobi Jevons recently moved to Los Santos from Liberty City.  In Liberty City he worked as a principal attorney at the prestigious Goldberg, Ligner, and Shyster law firm.  Mr. Jevons graduated summa cum laude from Vespucci University.  Mr. Jevons has also attained his LLM in taxation and a Master's degree in business administration. He has sat on numerous corporate boards including the board of Sprunk, Inc., Cervesa Barracho LLC., and ABC Inc.  In addition he has worked on the successful campaigns of several senators and governors while living and working in Liberty City.  Mr. Jevons holds a multi-state bar certificate and can practice in Liberty, San Andreas, Florida, Alderney, and North Yankton.  He is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of San Andreas as well as to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Published Decisions

Yovano v. Switch 75 US 664 (1994)

Killgore v. Busher 231 US 67 (1997)

Happsburg v. Ringer 12 US 899 (1998)

Sprunk Inc. v. Samson 90 US 23 (2000)

Joopadurna v. ABC Inc. 45 US 290 (2006)

Deringo v. Cox 998 US 82 (2009)

Smythe v. Cervesa Barracho LLC. 34 US 992 (2011)

Ronaldo v. Winchester 88 US 252 (2013)


Evan Winston (JD, LLM) - Vice President, Principal Partner and Shareholder

Phone: 542.4707 or Email: [email protected] ((forum PM))


Tyler Cronkite (JD, CPA) - CFO, Associate Attorney

Phone: 542.4707 or Email: [email protected] ((forum PM))


Louise Farmington (JD) - Associate Attorney

Phone: 542.4707 or Email: [email protected] ((forum PM))


Henry Gallagher (JD) - Associate Attorney

Phone: 542.4707 or Email: [email protected] ((forum PM))


Andrea Clarke (JD) - Associate Attorney

Phone: 542.4707 or Email: [email protected] ((forum PM))


We are always seeking potential new clients!  If you feel you have an issue that needs consultation, call Jevons & Winston, PLLC. to schedule a free meeting with one of our highly skilled attorneys.  Your problems are our problems, and we strive to come to an equitable and efficient solution.



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