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Turf areas reset after server restart

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Account name: Aryan

Character name: Aryan_Avesta

Issue/bug you are reporting: Today, my faction has taken over 3 locations that was required to take over the warehouse. 
We managed to secure the final one (the one on twitch) that finally would allow us to enter the warehouse.
However it happened a couple minutes before the server restarted. (approx 03:00 CEST) 
After the server restart. All of the sudden all 3 locations are again owned by the faction we just took over. This can't be right?

Evidence (optional): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/154182215?t=02h14m02s (only 1 of the 3)


UPDATED: Found out that once you take over 1 area that you have to take control of the other 2 within an hour. This wasn't really clear in the description. Topic can be locked.

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