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Some suggestions

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Please, add some effects to drugs so they can be useful to players like regenerate hp, resistance, or armor like it's been suggested 10,000 times already. Add some sort of income from owning/defending turfs since irl some gangs extort businesses in their hoods/turfs.


Add new jobs:


  • Burglary job
    You need a burrito, boxville or speedo. It will prompt a location on your gps to a random house/buisness on the map, you drive to it enter/break into the house/buisness and steal some boxes that are spawned inside the house ((You can't use this to rob peoples guns and drugs stored in their houses))
  • Food trucking
    Go to one of the places on the map like this.tIyVvBRHRs2GoKuTpcIFzA.png
    go to the door of the restaurant and press Y to start job like any other it will then spawn you a taco truck. After that you can drive around the city people can walk up to the truck press "Y" and pay maybe 75$ for a taco and it would fill up your HP by 50.maxresdefault.jpg
    Please add any suggestions you have too.


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