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What I did wrong at registration?

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After registering on the server, I was asked to answer several RP questions. Before proceeding, I wanted to scroll forward to understand how many of these questions at all. However, as far as I understand, on the last question the server decided that the test failed, and did not allow me to do anything else. Blurred screen and nothing but the Network menu. So I decided to reconnect and pass the test one more time for real. But it did not happen, because the server gave me a cooldown of 600 minutes ...

So I'm curious - is this how it should be?

This will happen again if I fail the test?

Is it generally fair?

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But I haven't even started... As if I failed the exam before I even started answering, just because I counted the number of questions. Totally fair and logical, right? Right...

And 10 hours cooldown for "failure"... I'm not the only one who considered this a disproportionate punishment, but Administration know better anyway.

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