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Howdy folks!

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Who am I?

Hello there! My name is Alex, I'm 18 year old student from the capital of Finland aka. "perkele!". I study safety and security in this vocational school and I love it! Pardon me for any grammar errors, my main lanuage is not English :)


How did I stumble up on EclipseRP?

It's a long and boring story, but very shortly: I used to play SAMP very much before GTA V was released to PC and even put on the market, I enjoyed very much playing RP-servers and I tried many servers but only stayed at a very few ones as an active player.

Time goes on.. I quit SAMP completely due to my favourite server (back then) losing popularity and active players.

And... Very much later I pre-ordered GTA V to PC as soon as it was possible to do so, I enjoyed every single bit of it but I always dreamed of a similar third-party mod like SAMP was, only to be in GTA V.

And? Well, I stumbled up in some concepts people were making about third-party multiplayer mods for GTA V, they were far from being good...

/me sighs*... But now a few hours ago I found out about EclipseRP and even earlier about GT-M. And you know what? I think I'm having that feeling I had when I first time discovered SAMP when I was in my pre-puberty and cringy lmao!


So, I havent even downloaded GT-M yet, but I'll surely do it tomorrow and join EclipseRP. See you there!

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Oh and I have a few questions to ask before I join EclipseRP:

• Is there some form of "test" for one to make before allowed to join, similar to the ones back in the hardcore RP servers in SAMP?

• What is the VoIP exactly? Do you speak IC instead of typing and is there a built-in speaking system with your microphone?

• What's the playerbase here, is it like 50+ or can it go as high as over 100? I notice quite many playing atm.

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