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GTA V - unknown game version

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Today was like 118 people on the server and nobody of them can help, nice.


It's because GT-MP doesn't support the latest version of GTAV as we downloaded the update that was released late last night or morning depending on your timezone.


We've just got to wait patiently for the developers of GTA Network or GT MP to update. (Apparently we're switching to GTA Network again so hope they update soon)

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Download : https://wetransfer.com/downloads/bb5a4d5cd6d48927d2e08b43606023e820170613221152/52509e

Make sure you block outgoing connections for "GTAVLauncher.exe" and "subprocess.exe"

subprocess.exe is located in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Social Club



Steam version download :


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I strill dont understand how you make this work for you.


I download the update file you post, throw everything in the gta folder, then run the gt-mp, while it was loading i turn internet connection off, then i go to offline mode and then i have error about "bink2w64.dll" and this is some bullshit to be honest, because i even download this file, replace it in gta folder, then do it again and the same issue, can you explain me what did you do or can you make youtube video?

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