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Proper Demands when asking for hands up

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This will be a quick write up seeing as there isn't a whole lot to discuss but in my opinion when trying to rob somebody or attempting to get their hands up you should have to say more then just " hands hands hands hands hands " it sounds silly and doesn't really feel like RP and more of the person aiming the gun trying to get their word in first so they can ensure they are the ones in control over the situation. There is also plenty of people with accents on this server and it can be hard to understand them when they say hands as fast as they can. I feel a complete sentence makes a lot more sense like how PD does it for example ' Put your hands up " or " Let me see your hands " Its way more clear , it feels more realistic then someone just running up to you yelling " hands hands hands hands " especially if your back is turned to said person

Anyone care to share their thoughts ?  

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