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Zigo Ortiz

Roderigo 'Zigo' Ortiz

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Roderigo 'Zigo' Ortiz







DOB: 28JUL1990

Birthplace: Black Oak, IN (a suburb of Gary, IN)

Current Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas, Middle Bench at The Bank

Sex: Male

Occupation: Free Spirit

Ethnicity: White, Hispanic (50/50)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'11

Weight: 205

Relatives: Jackson LaRoche


Life History:


    Born in Black Oak, Indiana to a crack addicted mom, Bethany LaRoche (originally from Flint County, San Andreas) and a not quite abusive father, Jesus 'Chuy' Ortiz (originally from Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico) who was the head of a Northwest Indiana Chapter of the Agents of Depair MC.

   With the cards stacked against him from the beginning due to cognitive development issues from his parents drug use in utero, being raised as an infant and baby in active meth cooks, and physical trauma from multiple instances of abuse by his Tio, Salvadore 'Chava' Ortiz, who even dropped a full bagger motorcycle on little Zigo's head as a baby, and was always very vocal about his hatred for both the "pinche jota guera crack ho of a wife and her coconut guerito".

    As an adult Zigo was criminally impaired.  Never intending to commit illegal acts but easily duped and constantly looking to "go fast!" Zigo is constantly placed into situations with dire consequence. A kind hearted fool, Zigo was ever only prone to violence when those he percieved as "my best bros" were threatened or harrassed.  Sadly those who Zigo sees as "my best bros" usually don't feel the same.

    Tired of Zigo interfering in her lifestyle Bethany suggested to Zigo he go to Los Santos, where she heard her brothers son, Jackson, had moved to after getting out of the Army.  Zigo, excited for the adventure and the opportunity to "reconnect with my best primo" immediately jumped at the idea and took a bus to Los Santos.

  Now, loose in Los Santos, Zigo finds that Jackson never answers the phone, and the number that was his mom's no longer works.  Assuming its a problem with his phone Zigo continues to search for his best primo, Jackson, while trying to make his way in the complicated political environment between police and gangs and all the other interesting citizens of this great city.

  Proudly claiming the Middle Bench of the Bank Zigo is ever cheerful and hopeful about the future.









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