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Another SAMP refugee!

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Hello. Played for about six years on LSRP, then quit. Was a blast but I feel like I've experienced it all on the server, from being in the PD, to being in multiple various criminal organizations, meet all sorts of good guys and enjoyed my time. Went on to play on RCRP for a year or so before hanging the boots up when it comes to SAMP. Now with RP in GTA V improving and getting fleshed out, figured I'd find myself a server and by chance, this was the one. Sort of excited to experience the same, yet completely different thing yet again and just bask in a completely new, yet same world and hopefully relive some great moments. If anyone wants to RP or have some fun together, hit me up.

As far as RL goes, 23 years old, working at a military complex of sorts, can't get too much into it. Spooky. Also, from Serbia. Y'know what I mean blyat. Anyhow yeah, good to meet you all and see you IG!

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