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Coy Kennedy

Coy Kennedy

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Coy Jay Kennedy


Full Name: Coy Jay Kennedy

Sex: Male

Born: December 2nd, 1984

Age: 33

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 175 lbs

Race: Caucasian

Ethnicity: American-Irish

Birthplace: Brooklyn, Newyork

Education: Engineering Degree from AZ

Occupation: Eight years as Automotive Intermediate Mechanic in Military



Coy Kennedy, born in Dublin, Ireland with his mother, father and little brother. At the age of six Coy and his family moved to a ranch in Sandy, Los Santos. His father, Christopher Kennedy, became a very respected farmer throughout the city of Los Santos, while taking on side jobs as a mechanic. Coy and his brother Jon would always help his father on the ranch and then do what they could to help him work on the cars in the garage. Seeing his father constantly working on vehicles, this inspired Coy to begin playing with toy cars. He began to take his toys apart, in order to just find a way to rebuild them.


When Coy turned nine his father decided to take him and his brother, Jon to one of the Los Santos car meets. Jon being only five years old, he wasn’t able to take in the experience like Coy did. When Coy saw the cars he immediately dreamed of having a car that he would one day be able to have in an organized car meet. During Coy’s early teens he was a straight A student throughout school. He never got in trouble and always did what the teachers asked of him. After graduating high school, Coy attended Arizona State University. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, all while obtaining his motorcycle and truckers licenses.


Upon returning home, Coy continued working on the ranch. Since Pa was gettin' up there in age, he took over the cattle operation with his two brothers. After two years, Coy wanted a bit of a change, so he applied for the Marine Corps. Coy became a Marine at the age of 24, after passing his training. During his time in the military Coy took up an MOS as an Automotive Mechanic. He served eight years in the military as a Marine, acquiring two tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.



Coy is now back home and has applied for a position with the Los Santos Police Department. He passed both his application and interview phase, but changed his mind on what he plans to do in his future with the skills he has. Coy has decided to use his education and knowledge and start up a business in private security with his brother, Jon. (to be continued...)


Military Details:

Branch: Marines

Rank: Sergeant (E-5)

MOS: Automotive Intermediate Mechanic

Tours: 2

Unit served in: 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines

Unit Nickname: Darkhorse

Stationed out of: Camp Pendleton, California.



"The only easy day was yesterday." - Coy


Edited by Coy Kennedy
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