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The player customization tool is pretty bad.

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Hey, sorry about the rather rude title there. My name is Mnk and I'm new to your server. I roleplay an African American character and despite putting quite a lot of effort into character creation, the closest I could get my character to look African American was a sickly looking white guy with tacked-on dreads and an overdone spray tan. It's pretty disheartening.

I'm sure this has been suggested a ton but I can't figure out how to efficiently use the forums' search tools.

Would it be possible to allow players to select a different playerskin/playermodel? I assume this would conflict with the clothing system, but there'd be ways to solve that, no? Maybe disable it if you use a custom skin? Big list of GTA V skins I found randomly Googling about.

Or at the very least, perhaps grant us several more darker skintones?

Thank you!

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