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Character Customization or Skins?

Character Customization or Skins?  

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Hey guys, just want to get your feedback about the current server status...

Well, I find this character customization quite SHIT to be honest. Besides from your faces look terrible, when it comes to clothes and stuff it bugs a lot and looks AWFUL!!

Another thing is - COPS LOOK THE SAME! It's HORRIBLE!

I would like to suggest we switch back to Skins instead... It's much better imo.

Leave yours :)

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I made a thread long time ago, 19-8 skins are winning, you can bump it if you want. Skins are a better option obviously, I've seen skins being costumized (remove/add glasses/caps, different shirt designs etc) in fivem servers, not sure if it's possible here.




Plus adding skins gives a lot more RP possibilities, you can pick whatever instead of keeping the same look for everything. I see white people in a black street gang. Just no.



Actually I already voted on that one, didn't recall it so that's why I created this.

But yeah, looking further to get admins attention....


Close this, thanks.

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Admins don't really look into suggestions, this place is for player to discuss things they would like to be added. I am really not sure why they don't look at suggestions and sadly I'm not sure when they will. Hopefully soon. Don't have to close this one, this section is full of duplicates. Literally there is 2x of 70% of suggestions. Shows how much they've been looked into.


Well, let's bring their attention then..

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Customization looks way better. Because you change so many details. Even if you only add facial hair to your character it will already make a huge difference!


At least with Skins you have HD faces, with customization your char looks totally def!!

You can't switch themes RP'ly.

All cops look the same, there is no difference between ranks and divisions, which is awful.

Not to mention that most of the clothes are bugged...

It is possible to customize skins by changing their clothes and their looking.

Character Customization itself is just shit. like it or not, its shit!

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